Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Fractivity To Brighten Your Day


The term popped up on the Fractal Foundation's website (click here to visit) and in my new found fascination with all things fractal, it has become part of my vocabulary...fractivity - the sound of it makes me smile.

This one page free download is available on the foundation's site along with other fascinating and free resources.

Isn't it amazing to think that rivers, lightening bolts, blood vessels, even hurricanes are fractals found in nature?

And of course, TREES.  That's what I've been playing with and as promised here is a smattering of my notes about these addicting treasures to draw ~

Fractivity by Adele Bruno, CZT
Fractivity Continued, Adele Bruno, CZT
As my notes indicate, fractal trees use a repeating pattern of the same initial shape - or line configuration.  Each additional layer sprouts into the same pattern only on a smaller scale.

A tree is finished when you are pleased with its shape and size.

On another note...

A reader referred to last Thursday's post about fractals (click here to view) as my "fractal rant."  Oh!  I had such a good laugh over that, thank you.  I've calmed down a bit in the week I've had to play with them - some small consolation for lost time :)

Try your hand at some FRACTIVITY today.  

A word of caution though - it can be habit forming!


  1. Wonderful! Thank you. I also love fractals. And I have GOT to try those trees.

  2. I’m so glad you’re sharing your study of fractals … your progression is teaching us all! Here’s a link to KN Malathi’s 8/27/13 post in response to the Diva’s Challenge #133 … it was my reminder of the world of fractals (of the circular persuasion). And the link features a (fractal) tangle by the author titled Apollonian Gasket. The post offers several links … my favorite is … so many fractals … so little time!

  3. Love, LOVE these! Thank you soooo much Adele!

  4. Awesome! I'm playing as I am reading! I just need to loosen up a bit. I'm also wanting to add additional branches next to a branch to create more density, Thanks for sharing your findings Adele!

  5. Lovely and interesting post! Wonderful trees! Thanks for sharing!