Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tips for Tangling Bales (continued)

In last Thursday's post on Bales I mentioned that my tangleations were simple and didn't include shading.  That prompted some requests on how I might shade the tangles, so Bales is back this week (rah! rah!) - this time with a bit of shading.

I used a grey Fabrico marker (instead of my preferred pencil) in the scanned image below.
The shaded areas show up a bit better ~

A few notes about shading tangles ~

* there is no 'wrong way' to shade a pattern - the way you shade it is the 'right way' :)

* the traditional methods for shading used in drawing can be a guide, but are not hard and fast rules in tangling  (i.e. a light source coming from one direction, casting a shadow in the opposite)

* shading illustrated for a tangle is merely a suggestion - use your own creative license

* start light as you shade - you can always add more as you go along

* photograph your tile before and after shading to better appreciate the definition and depth shading provides

* most of all, have fun

Here are the two charts side-by-side for easier comparison ~



  1. Bales is so diverse and it takes so little to alter it. It's a joy to draw. Thank you for posting these, I will be trying them out. :-)

    1. Well said! It does "take so little" to alter so it's great fun to play with.

  2. You couldn't have posted this exercise at a more perfect moment. I was given the Derwent 36 pc Sketch set as a gift and now I'm a shade crazier. LOL Thanks for this great share!

  3. Is there anywhere I can find all your 'Tipa for Tangling"? They're very helpful

    1. If you look at the right hand column of my blog, under the title 'Labels', click Pattern Tutorials. Most all of my posts about tangles will come up. I'm so happy they help!