Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kisses - A New Tangle!

This is a sweet day indeed.

Milton Hershey's birthday, the famed philanthropist and founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company, was celebrated this week.  His life's story is inspirational - from his struggles and persistence in pursuing his passion for candy making to his unmatched generosity to the community he built.

In honor of Mr. Hershey, I have created a sweet and simple pattern.
It comes with a caution though: tangling may require more chocolate than usual :)

First, the step out and then the story ~
While tangles are meant to be non representational, I think this captures the essence of a Hershey Kiss without trying to be an exact replica.  Maria Thomas' Pokeleaf and Pokeroot come to mind as patterns that accomplish this same thing.

And now, the story ~

The CBS Sunday Morning News program this past week featured a story about Milton S. Hershey.
(Click here to view).

Milton S. Hershey 1857 - 1945
In his younger days, Mr. Hershey lived in the same town where I attended high school - Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
In fact, his first foray into the candy business was the Lancaster Caramel Company.

It wasn't until he attend the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois, that he discovered the possibilities of manufacturing chocolate.

As an aside:
My great great grandparents attended that same fair.  It is exciting to think that their paths may have crossed at some point.

Remarkably, my parents still have this souvenir our relatives brought back from the fair ~

It is made of seashells and metal and the bed of the ship carries a small thimble.
It reads:  World's Colombian Exposition Chicago 1893 
The fair was so named in celebration of Christopher Columbus' 400th anniversary of landing in the Americas.

Back to the story...

Watching the program conjured up some of my warmest childhood memories:

  • our family's first visit Hershey -  rolling down the station wagon windows to the smell of chocolate in the warm summer air
  • street lights in the shape of Kisses
  • huge vats of chocolate so close that I could have touched them if I dared
  • conveyor belts filled with neat rows of chocolates headed to the wrapping machines
  • school field trips and the realization (and disappointment) that I could eat too much chocolate on the bus ride home
  • ride after ride at the park

...all things good, all things happy, all things chocolate.

Over the years, Lou and I have been able to take our children and grandchildren to Hershey and carry on those sweet memories.

As a child I loved the treats and amusement.  As an adult I appreciate the school, hospital, town and community that remain as a testimony to Milton Hershey and his wife Catherine.

He left his entire fortune to the community.  My friends and family have personally benefited from his generosity and vision in the hospital that bears his name.

So to Mr. Hershey and the good that continues in his name, my little thank you is found in this new tangle, Kisses.

Below is my zendala from yesterday's post ~

by Adele Bruno, CZT

In closing and after so much talk of chocolate, here is a dessert I consider the ultimate Hershey treat ~

My son-in-law Andrew ordered this chocolaty confection on our latest trip to Hershey Park.

A warm chocolate funnel cake sprinkled with powdered sugar, filled with mini Hershey chocolate chips, topped with fresh whipped cream, and drizzled with Hershey's chocolate syrup, it was as decadently delicious as it looked.

Mr. Hershey would no doubt be proud.

ENJOY some Hershey's today and enjoy tangling Kisses, too!


  1. Hi Adele, Helen also has a tangle called Kisses - it's near the bottom of the page, I think yours are different to hers in how they are drawn and the little swirly :) So we have an Adele Kisses and a Helen Kisses version! I am going to try to not read the rest of your post yet, because I think it will make me hungry it is before breakfast here, so will come back later ;) when I have eaten something healthier first ha ha

    1. Thank you for your note. I am happy to know that there are at least two Kisses 'out there'. You can never have too many kisses! Enjoy the rest of the post - and the chocolate - when you get to it :)

  2. good evening, adele.
    thank you for introducing your newest tangle pattern.
    i cannot wait to tangle your 'kisses.' but, first, i will have to go to publix for a bag of kiss chocolates. (i have not had any chocolate for over a month

    1. I am happy to provide an excuse for you to have a yummy treat :)

  3. Great story! Wonderful commemorative tangle.

  4. I'm so craving chocolate. Sweet pattern, Adele.

  5. I just read your memories of Hershey, PA. On our 1964 trip from NC to Syracuse, NY, for my brother's wedding, my family stopped for the tour of the Hershey's factory. I was 5 years old, but your recollections of the vats, assembly lines and aroma match mine. I still have dreams about that factory!

  6. What a sweet story! I have many fond memories of going to Hershey as a child. I remember our car getting a flat tire on the way to the chocolate factory and enjoying the smell of chocolate in the air as we waited for a technician to fix the flat. Yummy.

  7. Looks a great tangle, will have a go at doing it. Will also check out Helen's tangle as well. They may go together!

  8. Love the tangle and the backstory. Thanks for sharing! But now I have a craving for one of those wonderful-looking funnel cakes. I may have to plan a trip to PA soon! LOL

  9. Hi Adele,
    Just tried out your Kisses tangle and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying playing with this one. It leaves lots of room for my imagination to skip around. Ususally I don't comment to much on patterns, but just had to say how much I enjoy this one.. ps.. I love chocolate and am no quitter either. lol