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"It's a String Thing" #273 Tiles and a Happy New Year's Eve

Since January, we have completed forty-five adventures together here at Tickled to Tangle.  I am most grateful to you for you joining in week after week, whether as onlookers, participators, or both.

2018 has been a wonderful year in many ways, and I look forward to a creative, healthy and happy New Year for us all.

We bring this year to a close with the festive tiles from IAST #273.  
Let's take a look ~

This is my tile.
 "Fast away the old year passes..." this song verse repeated in my head while I tangled along ~

The first email arrived from Simone (Germany) ~
i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
Thank you for this wonderful Challenge.
Greetings from Germany

From Sally Whiteman (New Zealand) ~
Attached is my tile for challenge 273.
Once again an appropriate challenge for the holiday season. Thank you very much for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all my fellow tanglers.

From Antony Visconti (Milan, Italy) ~
here's my contribution to the festive season with the hope for Peace on Earth and in the hearts of all mankind.
Wishing you and your family a very joyous Christmas and happy new year.

From Joanne (New Brunswick, Canada) ~
Here is my submission. Was a bit of a challenge...but I managed.
I want to wish you and all my tangler friends very Happy Holidays!
Looking forward to tangling prompts in 2019?

From Sherry Conte (Sanford, Florida) ~
What a great set of Tangles to end the year. Thank You Adele for all that you do.

From Baafke (The Netherlands) ~
I wish everyone a very nice new -zentangle-year!

From Hilary (Chicago) ~
Here’s my — well, I don’t even know what to call it! I painted the background, drew the string, and had an idea what I wanted to do. Then I was interrupted for a few days and when I came back to it, I honestly didn’t have a clue. So I just fitted in a few examples of the patterns and called it a day. Oh well, I still think the background is pretty!
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful new year. And all best wishes to our wonderful group of tanglers!

From Ragged Ray (United Kingdom) ~
So we approach the end of the year. Despite running out of steam as the days dwindle I've managed to tangle a little pair of Bijou tiles prompted by your last two challenges. I'm sending them together, along with my thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration you give us week upon week.
At the start of this year I pledged to make a Bijou for any String Thing challenge that I missed – and I've done it. I've gained a greater appreciation for what is possible on those tiny tiles. I've got some firm favourites and a few that didn't quite hit the mark.
Next year I hope to complete more full-sized tiles and finish them on time to send to you, but if not I think I'll devise another backup plan, so I don't have to miss out on the weekly dose of string-based tangle fun!

From Karen Buse (California) ~
I’m so happy to be able to participate in the challenge again after a long absence. Such a relaxing exercise creating my own night time winter wonderland. In addition to Afterglo and Meriberries I used patterns Ahh and Isochor. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) and here on her blog ~
Your Christmas Challenge with the atmospheric patterns will surely give all participants wonderful ways of interpretation. I'm looking forward to the many nice results. I liked the theme so much that I drew it a second time for a Christmas card. The oval is folded in half and glued on a card which so is decorated on front and backside. I'm sending you both versions. You can also see them on my blog under the link .
Thank you for your wonderful ideas and the work you invest into the challenges.
I wish you and your family a wonderful merry Christmas, good luck and health in the new year and of course a lot of fun and good ideas while drawing!
Warm Greetings from Germany

From Ria Matheussen, CZT (Belgium) ~
I'm glad to send you my last tile of this year: a lovely string with
beautiful tangles, especially for this time of the year.
I have made my drawing on a watercoloured background (and some green
Bistrepowder) and used green pens and ordinary colourpencils to make the
colours a bit stronger.
Thanks again for so many challenges that I enjoyed so much...
I hope to join also next year as much as possible.
Wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year

From Jutta Gladnigg, CZT (Germany) ~

Let’s celebrate the New Year with your festive challenge!
Thank you so much for this marvellous IAST year.
All the best for 2019 for you, your family and friends and for all IAST participants worldwide!

From Jane (Surrey, United Kingdom) ~
Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you for bringing joy to this Zentangle community with your generosity in both your time and creativity. All the best for 2019.

From JoAnne (Ontario, Canada) ~
Hello Adele, hope you and yours had a great holiday! The Ahh’s are glittery, even though it doesn’t show up that way!

From Sue Leslie (New Mexico) ~
Happy New Year! Here’s wishing everyone a safe and fun filled 2019. All the Ahh’s look like all the snow we are getting today, about 3 inches so far and looking for more the rest of the week, so will be lots of tangle time!

From Amy L, CZT (Connecticut) ~
What a fun challenge. I especially enjoyed doing meriberries. Thanks for all of the inspiration, and for giving us an extra week. Happy New Year!

From Priscilla DeConti, CZT 28 (Kingston, New York) ~
Hoping everyone had a wondrous joyous Christmas season filled with love peace and happiness.
Here is looking forward to the New Year, new adventures and new wonders.
God bless all!!!
And thanks to Adele for keeping this challenge alive and well!!! May you continue to be blessed in all your endeavors!

From Mariam G (Port Hueneme, California) ~
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. The week went by so quickly here that I almost forgot to send in my tile. Hope the photo works okay - had to take a picture, rather than scan, to show the 'sparkle'. Looking forward to 2019 and a whole new year of IAST!
Happy New Year, everyone!

From Elke (Bremen, Germany) ~
Attached is my Tile for ‘It’s A String Thing #273’ Challenge.
I wish all a Happy New Year 2019

Laruel Davis, CZT 28 (New York) ~
A fun challenge to end the year! Thanks for another great one, Adele!

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
What a lovely pattern Meriberries is. So simple yet so pretty. I’ve been doodling it all Christmas. Lovely to find an hour of peace this afternoon to do this challenge. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

From Gabi (Germany) ~
Hope you had some wonderful days! Also had the whole family around and was busy with Christmas things.
Lately I finished this tile just using AFTERGLO. Was a little lazy and had no idea and so the string disappeared behind a frost pattern of my window shades...

From Sue Agnew (Tucson, Arizona) ~
I enjoyed playing with Meriberries. When I was trying it as a grid I discovered that if I made it six-sided I could stack it in a triangle shape. I worked row-by-row to keep from becoming TOO confused. I also played with Afterglo, to make the star, but didn't care for the results, so omitted it and did the rest with Ahhh. When I finished I thought it looked too busy, so (I had messed up my first attempt, fortunately in only the third row of Meriberries, so I had a "spare" to experiment on) I tried adding magenta berries, and I tried adding green in the "leaves," and didn't like either. Then I tried shading with pencil around the "tree" and didn't like that. So here it is in all its busyness. I guess it didn't get the memo that it's the holidays and there's still time to relax and enjoy quiet time.
Best wishes for a very happy 2019!

From Sharon Fite (California) ~
Celebrating another year with this wonderful IAST community! Thank you so much for putting together these challenges, Adele! It has been an honor to participate in every challenge for a second year. It feels amazing to keep a resolution with myself. (I wish I could stick to my health goals as easily!) Not sure if I will meet every challenge in 2019, but I plan to be a frequent contributor. Wishing you all health and happiness in the coming year!

From Nor'dzin (Wales, United Kingdom) ~
I hope you have had a lovely Christmas, and wish you all happiness, health and prosperity for the New Year.
Here’s my last tile of 2018, and looking forward to 2019. Thank you.

From Jennifer Wilken, CZT 19 (Hudson River Valley Region, New York) ~
Happy Holidays to everyone! I mixed a little Betweed into the tile for good measure. The color palette was inspired by a peaceful walk in the winter woods.

From Lynn F (Florida) ~
Here is my tile for the year end challenge!
I think I was not able to get the pictures of the blizzard crossing the mid-west out of my mind.
Happy to be in sunny, warm Florida. Thank you Adele for giving us these challenges this year. I can’t wait to start again in 2019!
Happy wishes to all for a happy healthy new year.

Are you as amazed as I am at the beauty and variety in all of those tiles? 
What a glorious way to wrap up the year.  Thank you one and all. 
I am humbled by your good wishes and support.

Many thanks to the creators of the tangles we so enjoyed ~

Meriberries by Cheryl Wilson, CZT
Ahh by Maria Thomas
Afterglo by Carole Ohl

Check back tomorrow - the very first day of the New Year - for "It's a String Thing" #274!

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  1. Happy new year, Adele! Some changes in my routine made it difficult for me to participate regularly in the last few weeks, but I never fail to look at your blog. I hope to resume soon. Thanks for the work that you put into this, and the perpetual good cheer, and hope to have it continue for years to come. - Sra