Thursday, July 26, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #252 Tiles

We are in heaven entertaining our grandchildren for a few weeks.  While this post is just a bit delayed as a result, I am happy to present the tiles for IAST #252.  

We used CZT Angie Gittles' Deeday tangle with the option to add additional tangles. 

Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Donna Matoi (Long Beach, California) ~
I hope you are having a wonderful time with your grandchildren!
Here is my tile for IAST#252. I ended up with fragments that had a mind of their own. I also used some striping.
Thanks for all you do!

From Anita A Westin (Dalarna, Sweden) and here on her blog ~
Thank´s Adele for an inspiring challenge. Deeday is Lovely to work with!
...The patterns added are Purk, Striping, Printemps and Zenplosion (Danny O´Brian).

From Sherry Conte (Sanford, Florida) ~
I couldn't figure out how to draw this from the step out so I just looked at the finish product and figured it out from there. Additional Tangles or Fescue and flux.

From Angie Gittles (Maryland), the creator of the lovely Deeday ~
Oh the pressure to participate since you are featuring my new pattern! LOL!
I decided to go big and put a big fragment facing a different direction in each of the 4 sections of the string. I then used each fragment as a string and added Mooka and Shattuck to each one.
Thank you! I cannot wait to see what others create!

From Gale Sherman (Tucson, Arizona) ~
As always, thank you for an interesting challenge! My participation is spottier than I would like it to be, but I check the submitted tiles every week because the pieces are so interesting and inspiring. Today I used a black Speedball Elegant Writer pen for the string and then sprayed it lightly with water to get the ink to run and the colors to separate. I combined #Deeday with another tangle (new to me) which had caught my attention, #Dayzee-Mae. I thought they went well together because of the center diagonal line. I used both tangles as fragments and then used #L2 for the other reticulas. I completed the tile with a Green Gold FaberCastell pen, a gold gelly roll pen and Spectrum Noir Sparkle pen. I had a great fun... THANKS!

From Sally Whiteman (New Zealand) ~
I really enjoyed the challenge of this one.
I have used J15 fragment from the Primer, Kathy's Dilemma, Knightsbridge, and Fescu in my Dee day string.

From Marjan Heemskerk (The Netherlands) ~
Four tiles in one and I had a lot of fun!
I also used Printemps, Tipple and Keeko.
Greetings from a Chocoholic:)

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~
In addition to Dee Day I used the tangle Irradial. Kraft tile with reddish brown pen and shaded with terra cotta and white pencils.

From Mariam G (Port Hueneme, California) ~
Another creative challenge - thank you! It's a busy week here, so I had to keep it simple; but it was fun none the less. In addition to Deeday i used Pokeroot and Pokeleaf, Crescent moon, Paradox and a loosely interpretted Sooflower. I haven't really experimented with using a pattern as a string, so this was a great place to start.

From Lynn G (Florida) ~
My IAST 252 with thanks for the challenge.
Deeday - by Angie Gittles
Feathering S-curve - by Ina Sonnemoser
Zenplosion Fold - by Daniel Obrien
And Shard - A zentangle original
Tinted with beige General’s pastel chalk pencil.

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
Attached is my Tile for “It’s A String Thing #252 “
Starting with, Angie Gittles CZT 29 Tangle ‘ Deeday’.
I Added the following Tangles.
‘C-Stem’ by Agneta Landegren.
‘Clob’ by Gem Millar.
‘Maryhill’ by Betsy Wilson ( a variation of) 

From Lisette (Switzerland) ~
My Deeday ist accompanied by Irradial (Tomas Padros). I like Deeday which could be a nice fragment in a Zenbutton - I'll have to try this too. Thank you for introducing Deeday, Adele.
Big hugs

From Juul (France) ~
Here is my shadowing etc,but I still wanted to send it...
Lots of love from very hot france

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
Congratulations on breaking the 1000 posts ... you’re a marathoner!
Angie Gittles’ Deeday has so much potential ... I can’t wait to see the many interpretations.
Family is everything ... takes the time to enjoy every minute with them ... visits are an indulgence to linger over.
Cheers to auras ... (definitely NOT the migraine kind) but definitely the tangly kind and the family kind ... kids and grandkids.

From Baafke (The Netherlands) ~
Hereby my submission of this week.
I have added the tangles: Eez, Demi and Autumnal.

From Lin H, CZT 28 (Florida) ~
Thanks for the introduction to Deejay by Angie Gittles and using it as a string. I included Printemps, Mooka, and Diva Dance on a gray tile. Really liked this challenge, Adele.

From Ria Matheussen, CZT (Belgium) ~
This was a lovely challenge. I 'm fond of this pattern that offers so many possibilities.
I have glued a brown tile on a bigger blue one and started with Deeday on the smallest one. I filled the tangle with the fragments Q5 and B11. Jetties is drawn behind. Daydee "flows" into Toodles with Printemps as background. To finish I put La bel on the blue tile with a white gellypen and added some colours with ordinary colourpencils.
I enjoyed this challenge very much and am already curious to discover the next one!
Wish you a nice summer, surrounded by your grandchildren and send you warm regards from Belgium

From Amy L. (Connecticut) ~
I wasn’t sure about this challenge until I did Deeday in the base string. After that I had a blast filling it in. I decided to use renaissance so I could do white highlights. I considered doing a second one but ran out of time. I have trouble leaving empty space, so I ended up using 10 tangles inside: flux, Tipple, poke leaf, crescent moon, striping, Shattuck, Printemps, mooka, Fassett, and n’zeppel. I’m looking forward to trying this again.
Thanks for the great prompt!

From Sra (India) ~
Here's my submission for the week's challenge. Apart from Deeday, I used Fasset to fill the tile, a larger version in the corners and smaller one in the centre. Have a nice time with your grandchildren!

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) and here on her blog ~
this time I send you my two versions of your Deeday challenge, because I couldn’t decide for one. You can find the two on my blog under the link...

In my first version, I mainly used a modified nouvart, framed by Printemps and put a star inside.
In the second version, I rotated the Deeday fragment 180 degrees, and combined it with the rounding out. Paradox came here on the outside, Printemps, Y. I. AM, a new wonderful pattern of Susie Ngamsuwan from Thailand and Toodles on the inside.
Thank you for this interesting challenge! I enjoyed drawing the two versions very much.
Best wishes from Germany

From Karen Herstowski (Atlanta, Georgia) ~
Took some artistic license with this one! Felt that since we had 4 equal parts, I would like to keep that symmetry going. Adding a variation of “Rain” by Maria, straightening the lines of Deeday and adding some orbs, kept it very structured and balanced. Enjoyed it!
Thanks for such wonderful fun!!

From VenaC (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
I did DeeDay first. When I had finished, I decided to put it at the bottom right and then added bottom left: Y.I.AM (Susie Ng), top right: Xela (from YouTube video by Mimi Xy), Top left: Clamz (Sharon Wrench). I can't thank you enough, Adele, for all your time doing these challenges and for making them so interesting. Thank you for posting the pics of my holiday tangling spot. I am now back to the kitchen table or my door/desk in the basement. Still quite peaceful, but without the view!

From Laurel Davis, CZT (New York) ~
I had a lot of fun with this challenge using Bijou tiles. In the second one, I used Snail, Florz and ‘nzeppel. Thanks, Adele!

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
I really like the way this can be tiled and repeated.

From Nor'dzin (Wales, United Kingdom) ~
Here is my tile for challenge #252. I love Deeday - so many possibilities. I hope I understood the two parts of the challenge and have fulfilled it!

From Jane Goddard (United Kingdom) ~
I’m glad when one of your challenges pushes me outside my comfort zone. Deeday is a tangle I would be unlikely to try, but I love fragments so I drew my first tile following your instructions and then added colour with watercolour brush pens, white gellyroll and grey Tombow pen. Then I had another idea to draw it as a wrought iron window with just a smudge of colour, so you have two entries from me this time!
Thanks so much for the inspiration!

From Trudi (Woodview, Ontario, Canada) ~
Greetings Adele! I almost forgot to send this, time is really getting away from me, it's summertime and I have been taking it very easy :).
Thank you so much for not and still challenging us.

From Dee (Toronto, Canada) ~
Thanks again for your weekly challenge! I still need to catch up on last week's, but I really enjoyed this week's, perhaps because Deeday features my name? I am on vacation in sunny Manitoba so I needed to add light (ie Footlites) and plants (Pokeroot and Pokeleaf).

From Sue Leslie (New Mexico) ~
Fun challenge using Deeday as the string. Used Swarm, mooka, paradox and some auras as fillers. Thanks Adele and hope you are really enjoying the family time with the grandkids. Play with yours for me! Mine are in China and I never get to see them, one is already 1 and a half and I’ve never meet her. The other is 6 and I’ve seen here 5 times. So do enjoy yours for me too.

From Sharon Fite (California) ~
I didn't think I could do it, but I did! I didn't think I could make a string out of the tangle, but I'm happy with the results. I put the pointy parts of Deeday together. First, the summer sun appeared and then a star and then the moons. I finished up with Joki, Jonqal, and Dansk tangles. All together it looks a bit like a compass on a map, ready to roll up into a tube. I used black and sepia microns, white gelly roll pen, and white charcoal pencil on a 4.5" square kraft paper tile. Great challenge, Adele!

From Cyndee Pelley (Oklahoma) and here on her blog ~
Greetings from Oklahoma, where we have passed hot and moved to abject misery, as the temperatures have topped 110 Degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) all last week! Yikes! Luckily, this means more indoor tangling time.
This week's challenge was, again, a new Tangle for me. I enjoyed the chance to explore DeeDay. In the black and white tile I used Eni Oken's MicroTangling technique. On the Renaissance tile, I used Knightsbridge, Sandswirl, Garlic Cloves, and Fife.
Thanks for the awesome challenge!

From Barbara (Germany) ~
here is my attempt with this weeks challenge. I hope I did understand your suggestions right.
In the center I see a cross, which is my theme in this moment.
3 weeks ago, I lost my very old father. Retuning to life isn’t such easy for the whole family.
Hope you all are fine!

From Gabi (Germany) ~
Nice new pattern again with lots of possibilities!
Very challenging, thanks a lot and enjoy your weekend!

From Felicity Strohfeldt (South Africa) and here on her blog ~
Thank you for the unusual challenge this week using the Deeday by Angie Gittles. So pleased that I made dee-day this week too. I’m not sure if I interpreted correctly, but I used Deeday as the string and then randomly chose zentangle patterns to enhance the Deeday string. I chose Zenplosion folds by Danni ‘O Brien, Spawn by Shoshi, Leaflet by Helen Williams, and Munchin by Margaret Brenmer with a little Tipple on the side. Eventually I was very surprised by the final tile.
I intend to try out different versions of Deeday and see what pops up.
Once again thank you for this innovative challenge. Looking forward to seeing the work of all the other participants.
Have a good week one and all.

Thank you to Angie for her Deeday and for each and every one of the talented tanglers who sent in a tile for this week's challenge.

If you missed IAST #253, click here for all of the delightful details.



  1. An amazing challenge, Adele, and some of the most creative tiles I've seen - so inspiring! You know how to bring out the best in us - thank you!

  2. Thank you for the round-up, Adele. Such transformations in each tile! I had difficulty remembering the original tangle and how it began and ended! - Sra