Friday, June 29, 2018

Zenbuttons Class - A Shared Obsession

A few weeks ago, I hosted a Zenbutton class.  It didn't take much to win over newbies to the concept nor to fuel the already burning fire of fellow admirers of these little tangled beauties.

We began by studying CZT Marguarite Samama's directions posted here on TanglePatterns.  
The largest circle was drawn by lightly penciling the outline of an inverted plastic cup.  We penciled in four more concentric circles working our way to the middle creating four more rounded sections.

From there we began in the middle adding fragments and worked our way outward to the outer fourth circle.  We shaded and highlighted and here is a sampling of the results ~

Zenbuttons by Mollie Savage, CZT, Pam Marion, CZT, Juliane Lopes, and Kim Reid 

Once we completed these tiles, we used a spinning device and Tombow markers to create colorful 
pallets to tangle.  

In my class packets, students were given two colorful tiles that I created in advance.
Juliane Lopes completed this pretty one ~

And Mollie Savage, CZT completed this one ~

When Mollie was spinning her own colorful tile in class, the tape dislodged and sent her paper off balance.  As there are "no mistakes" in the Zentangle® Method, she added Mooka to the errant lines as well as the the outer edges of her round sections and the result was this fabulous Zenbutton ~

My hope is that you explore the wonderful world of Zenbuttons and that the examples from my amazing students gives you just the nudge to do so.

On a separate note, I just completed refinishing on a new addition to my art space - an end table/lamp combination.  My next post will include before and after photographs as well as the steps I took in between.

Stay tuned!

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