Friday, September 1, 2017

Our Class Tile Mosaic - A Show and Tell

In class last Saturday, I presented a gift wrapped package to each student - Christmas in August we called it.
Each student received four pre strung tiles to create a mosaic and a pretty black frame to display their finished project.

The string was inspired by a tile floor that I saw in a grand old Florida hotel.  We used some familiar tangles as well as some that we learned together:  Amaze, Knightsbridge, Twing, Tidings, Fescu, Keeko, Betweed - all by Maria Thomas.

As we only had two short hours together and the work was very detailed, each of my twelve talented tanglers completed - or nearly completed - one tile and committed to finish the rest at home.

At the end of class, we assembled our tiles on my framed board and created this stunning mosaic ~

September 26 Class Tiles - Adele Bruno, CZT
Artists: Pat Carey, Geoffry Young, Pam Marion, CZT, Donnnie Adamczyk, CZT, Susie Brosonski, Glenna Oro,
Gara Hudson, Juliane Lopes, Margaret Morgan, Debbie Horvath, Betsy Gentry, and Lori Marsilio

The magic of the Zentangle® method unfolded (once again) as we placed our tiles side-by-side. Same string, same tangles, and yet each of our creations were uniquely our own.  We were in awe of what unfolded as the pieces came together - much too much joy not to spill over and share.


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