Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tips for Tangling a Border with Abeko

Last Thursday, I posted some Tips for Tangling CZT Lynn Mead's pretty pattern, Abeko.
(Click here to view.)

In it, I illustrated how to use dots to aid in placement and spacing.  

This week, I've drawn up some Tips for Tangling Abeko as a border.   This technique will give you confidence to create an evenly spaced border while keeping the 'zen' experience in your tangling.  

Begin by dotting the four corners, much like the first step in the Zentangle® Method.   Keep in mind that those dots sit at the base of each loop of the pattern so they will come in from the sides of your tile to allow ample room for them.
Add dots midway between each of the original dots.
Next, decide how much further you want to 'break down' the space between each set of dots.
In my example below, I added two more dots.  I could have added one or three, or more.  The key is to add the same amount to each space.
Now you are ready to begin adding Abeko.
After seeing one of Lynn's examples, I began with a larger corner loop and then smaller ones across the top.
Notice that my corner loop tilts toward the tile's corner and the smaller ones point to the outside edge of the tile.
Continue in the same manner around the tile, lining up the loops to each dot.   The dots also serve as good places to stop and start if you need to readjust your pen, the angle of your hand, or turn your tile (do that often!).
Isn't that fun?!
To finish, embellish to your heart's content.  Lynn has many examples here on her post and the results of IAST #157 have countless variations - click here to view them.
Here is my example with the details added ...
And here it is shaded...

This dot system works well on Zendalas too.  It works beautifully with most loopy or curved tangles that can be used as a border - Marie Thomas' Zenith and my own Kisses come to mind.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is very helpful Adele - I need to try it out. And anything that allows a rest stop on a line is a win for me!

    1. Glad it is helpful. The dots are very good resting stops and when the pattern is finished, they are not noticeable - magic!

  2. Ooohh! This is great! Now I'll be even more obsessed with Abeko;-) Thank you!

  3. I am totally new to Zentangle and am wandering through your blog. Your tips are EXTREMELY helpful in breaking down the tangles and I must thank you for that (form all of us beginners)!

    1. You are very welcome and WELCOME to the tangling world!