Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tickled To Tangle Art Show Opening

Thank you all for the good wishes on the new show at the Casselberry Art House.  The opening reception was a smashing success.

There are nine artists associated with the show, eight of whom are CZTs. We have been friends for several years, visited each other's homes, taught each other innovative ways to teach and tangle, admired each other's talents, and this is the first time our work has been collected in one place.  Needless to say, it was energizing and inspiring to be able to soak it all in.

My Granddaughter getting a sneak peek...
Five of the nine of us were on hand for the reception ~

Su D'Alessio, Sindy P, CZT, myself, Kathryn Crane-Thielen, CZT, and Joan Delony, CZT

With Zentangle® inspired outfits, we blended into our artwork.

The weather was picturesque, and by mid evening, the Art House was packed with friends, family, students, and Zentangle enthusiasts.

While the show was about our artwork, it was also an opportunity to gather with people we love.

My husband, Lou, and three of our children were able to come:  Isabella, Catherine, and Louie

My dear friends: Stephannie, Karen, Kathy, and Karen   

The Art House is an older home converted into a gallery/studio.  Art work is hung from wood molding just below the ceiling on brass rods.

Below are more photos of the gathering and of our artwork.  Enjoy the tour ~
Stained glass by Joan Delony, CZT

The piece pictured above on the far left was a gift from Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Earlier in the month, I had sent them an announcement about the show and they generously sent this signed print along with another poster that we hung at the entrance.

Tangled Chair by Carolyn Russell, CZT with my frames along the window sill.

Kathryn Crane-Thielen, CZT - Tangled Wallpaper 

Tile Collection by Marita Eng, CZT

Quilted pieces on the table are by Marita Eng, CZT

Work by Tracey Lyon, CZT, Sindy P, CZT, Kathryn Crane-Thielen, CZT, Joan Delony, CZT, and Su D'Alessio

Refreshments ready to serve...

And the crowd gathered...

Tangled Gecko by Carolyn Russell, CZT

My son's friends Matt and Mike came to celebrate - notice I'm standing on a ledge :)

My "partner in crime" Sindy P, CZT

Thank you for the emails and good wishes for the show.

On Thursday, I will post a few more photos and more information about the exhibit.

Have a very blessed Mother's Day!


  1. Looks fantastic, can't wait to see it on Thursday!

  2. what fun! and I love it that all you gals are wearing ZIA patterns hahahah! was that intentional?

  3. thank you for sharing the fun, joy and excitement of the event...
    beautifully showcasing everyone's unique creations.
    wish i could have been there... ~midori czt

  4. Merci du partage. Dommage que je sois bien trop loin.amitiés Yvette de france

  5. Looks amazing Adele 😊 wish I could see everything in real life 😊

  6. Can only imagine if we all could meet there - what fun.

  7. How amazing would that be to have a 'live' its a string thing session 😊

  8. lovely.. congratulations on your tangle art show.. everything looks amazing