Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tickled To Tangle Art Show - More Details...

As we all planned for the exhibit, there were many details to attend to, including how to present information about ourselves (the contributing artists).

In lieu of individual business cards, I decided to design a brochure.  The group of us briefly discussed what to include - a photo and an artist statement was agreed upon.
While most of us had a statement prepared, for others this was a new adventure.

Unlike a "bio", an artist statement usually concentrates on stating simply what moves you as an artist.  For me, as a wife and mother, it was a challenge to push passed the obvious loving influences and inspirations in my life and narrow my focus specifically to my art.

With pencil in hand, I filled four pages before filtering my statement down to just four sentences.   I highly recommend the process if you have never had occasion to write one.

Below are the artist statements (listed alphabetically) from the nine of us in the show.  You will find quite a variety in our approaches.  Use them as inspiration, as a starting point to write your own, or if you have one already - perhaps to revisit it.

Adele Bruno, CZT
I delight in detail and the pleasing simplicity of putting pen to paper.  The simple beauty of patterns intrigue me, feed my creative nature, and provide a source of fulfilling artistic expression.  As a CZT, I have been incredibly blessed to spread the joy of Zentangle to hundreds of my students, many of whom I have taught here at the Art House.  Through my blog's audience, I fully appreciate the universal appeal of this fascinating art form.  

Kathry Crane-Thielen, CZT
I have been involved in the Decorative Arts since the early 80's.  In 1990, I became a Certified Teacher of Ann Kingsaln, M.D.A., Omaha, NE.  In the years following I have taught from my studio, travel taught classes and invited many accomplished Decorative Artists in the United States to teach in my studio.  Now in retirement as an RN, I am living my dream to teach both art and Zentangle.  I received my Certified Zentangle Teacher certification in June 2014, and I thank Adele Bruno, CZT for introducing me to this fascinating art form.

Su D'Alessio
My first memories as a child are of drawing and doodling.  The lines flow out of my head with no pre-planning and I never know what the final piece of art will look like until it is done.  I began working in clay when I turned sixty, and loved the medium, but did not like the results of glazing.  I realized that I could use the surface of my white clay pottery as a drawing surface for my designs and doodles.  Each piece that I decorate is one of a kind.  I will not make duplicates...Some shapes and patterns are similar, but will never be mass production identical.

Joan Delony, CZT
The smooth feel, vibrant colors, and various textures of glass excite me.  The patterns of Zentangle delight me.  Through my art, I wish to bring you the same pleasure I derive by combining my passions for tangling and glass work in my creations.  

Marita Eng, CZT and Dorian Eng, CZT
Marita Eng, CZT
My fascination with repetitive patterns comes from years of working with needle and thread.  My career as a mathematics educator lead to experiences with the power and beauty of tying to recreate the beauty of structured designs.  The introduction of Zentangle provided a new avenue to experiment with needle and thread.  My work reflects the slogan "Anything is possible one STITCH at a time."

Dorian Eng, CZT
As a former architect, patterns have always intrigued me, appearing in my art in many forms:  Zentangle, embroidery, and origami.  When working with my hands, I always find peace and fulfillment.  Although I strive to bring beauty to my art, it is really about enjoying the journey.

Tracy Lyon, CZT
I am a doodler from way back, a Zentangle teacher, and a spiritual dabbler who loves fresh flowers, juicy markers, words in all forms, and long chats over cups of tea.  I live near the beach with the love of my life, my grown Zoe-girl, and my little red car.  I believe that peace is possible and the answer to every question is love.

Sindy P, CZT and Bert
Never settling for the ordinary way of doing things, the merging of my photography and Zentangle results in the sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle effect you see in my canvases.  My Zen Punk series brings my tangling very close to the edge as witnessed in my Skull, Giraffe, and Chameleon prints.  I became a CZT almost three years ago and now passionately share this art form with people from all walks of life.  I especially like working with Parkinson's patients who can show a marked improvement in their writing skills through the practice of Zentangle.

Carolyn Russell, CZT
Art immersion was an ever present entity throughout my life, giving an avenue for creativity and curiosity.  I find inspiration in the outdoors, from the flowers and birds in my garden, to the waves of the ocean.  The dramatic black and white patterns of Zentangle influenced a shift in all of my previous ideas about art.  This non-representational, in based art form, with unique underlying philosophies of health and meditation, drew me into my present day practice.  Patterns emerge to create some thing earthy and ancient, as if by magic.  

I close with loving thanks to Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas for their gift of the Zentangle Method - the shared passion that brings us all together.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your artist statements and the process involved. I think writing one for my writing self could be a great exercise in really zoning in on what's important to me.