Thursday, November 12, 2015

To Tangle a Trash Can...

In search of just the right trash can to put beside my art desk, I just couldn't seem to find one that fit the bill.

They were either too expensive or not the right color, pattern, shape, or size.

Then, at a local discount store, I spotted a plastic oval trash container.   Frosted white in color, it had a smooth feel and was just the perfect size, shape, AND price.  For an added bonus, it was a blank canvas for tangling.

Armed with my trusty Sakura IDENTI™PEN, tangles transformed it into what I had in mind ~

Tangled Trash Can by Adele Bruno, CZT

I began at the bottom with a row of perfs.  Then I added Crescent Moon (Maria Thomas) and embellished it with aura and more of the same.
Zenith (Maria Thomas) topped the can, followed by a burst of Uncorked (my tangle).  I added aura and small black perfs and repeated on the other side.
A middle band of Paisley Boa (Amy Brody, CZT) added the finishing touch.

While I could have added more tangles - and believe me it was so much fun, it was hard to stop - I rather liked the white space and called it finished.

For a few dollars and a bit of tangling, I now have a custom trash bin beside my art desk.

If you are looking for something similar for any room in your home, think of the possibilities!



  1. Great idea Adele it came out great.­čśŐ haven't seen paisley boa before so off to hunt for the step outs. I'm also amazed that I haven't tried out your uncorked yet. Guess what is on my list to try out tonight, thanks Adele :)

    1. Paisley Boa can be found on google. There are some amazing pieces featured when you search google images.
      I think you will love Uncorked once you give it a try :)

  2. beautiful and meticulously rendered! btw, how do you keep the middle band centered and straight around? do you use, eg, a masking tape as a guideline when rendering? would be helpful to know. thank you...

    1. Glad you asked. I just eyed the tangle around the can. It begins with a curved line, so it was very forgiving. Masking tape would work - even a large rubber band...