Friday, November 13, 2015

A Lucky Friday the 13th

Tickled To Tangle Frames are now in stock!

Yes, it is Friday the 13th...
It is Odd Day, as the date reads: 11/13/15 - the last consecutive odd numbered date this century...
It is the third Friday the 13th of the year - the most possible in a calendar year...

But that is not even the big news today...

The best news is that just in time for Christmas Wish Lists, my inventory is stocked and frames are now available for purchase.  Now that is something to celebrate!

If you've been thinking of ordering, now is the time.
If you have a frame or two on your wish list, send this link to your Santa.

Orders made through December 20 will arrive in time for Christmas and each frame will feature a festive red ribbon on its packaging.

Tickled To Tangle Frame ready for Christmas - Adele Bruno, CZT

These frames are really two fold gifts:
1. They are a gift from my heart, especially designed to beautifully display your tangled treasures.
2. They support the work I do here on my blog as well as fund the designing and manufacturing of  even more tangled products.

Enjoy this Odd Day, and remember to make your list and check it twice.

I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I've got to step it up! The submissions are all so excellent! Really impressive. I have some new pens. Perhaps they will give me added inspiration to create something as beautiful. Sarah.

  2. Adele, meant to post my previous comment with Monday's results! Woops! Sarah.

  3. In any case, your frames are quite lovely. I'm glad I accidentally left a comment on this page!