Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tips for Tangling Lori Howe's SNOWZAGS

Last week's "It's a String Thing" featured Lori Howe's versatile pattern Snowzags.  The tangle can be used as a border or as a filler.

Click here to see Lori's step out and click here to see how participants tangled it so beautifully in last week's challenge.

One comment in particular sparked my curiosity to study the tangle more in depth.  A reader noted that it was a challenge to use Snowzags on a curve or corner.

Here are a few of my Tips for Tangling Snowzags.  I begin with an alternate step out, one that I developed and found helpful when getting the tangle to move and flow.


1 comment:

  1. good tips thank you! For instance place a line in the corner first when going around the corner.