Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Time to Catch Up!

Over the last week, I have posted results for four challenges in an effort to be up-to-date.

Thank goodness I have given up the pursuit of perfectionism because there were a few over looked tiles in my inbox.  They deserve their own time to shine, so today is the day.

The first two tiles are for "It's a String Thing" #51.

Sue Jacobs sent in this beautiful blue tile.  She wrote ~

Such pretty tangles to work with this week. I ended up using the strings only as suggestions since I wanted to use the variegated edges of the tangles.
It will be on my blog...(click here)

The second is from Janet Massey, CZT ~

She chose large lovely tangles and a bold splash of orange.  She also posted it here on her blog.

From Ingrid Coventon ~

Her first tile was for #49, the 'Zenth' anniversary celebration. She chose dainty lace-like tangles and framed them with love :)

The second tile, #50, showcases Ingrid's attention to detail and eye for balance.

CZT Carolyn Russel also sent a tile for #50.  She said:
I had time this week to participate! I really enjoyed the patterns and string. Cack just seemed to fill up the middle with the other patterns filling in the rest. I really enjoyed drawing all the patterns. You never know how the finished product will look; it's always a surprise. My dog and cat are laying right here beside me as a draw. They have kept me company all week. I think they like me drawing too.
This is such a happy tile - so many delightful variations of Crescent Moon and the sparkle on Cack makes it shine.

 And lastly, from Juul - who's email got lost somewhere on its way from France ~

A very happy birthday tile indeed!

Thank you all for your masterpieces and your patience waiting to see them posted.

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