Thursday, August 7, 2014

"It's a String Thing" #50 Tiles

This challenge used a string that featured gently curved lines and tangle patterns that have two 'C's in their names.  Sound interesting?  The results certainly are, so let's take a look!

The first tile arrived from Janet Massey, CZT ~

She has a beautiful rendering of Cockles n' Mussels and framed her tile with pretty perfs.  Janet also posted her tile here on her blog.

Sara Belmont-Kleingeld said that she enjoys the challenges because, as a beginner, it introduces her to new tangles ~

She makes them look like old familiar friends here.  The large line of Cack, complete with sparkle is gorgeous as are her tangles in the background.  

Cathy Cusson wrote, "I love this string. It has so many options and ways to use it. I also love all the tangles we were to use, but decided on only using 2 - Ciceron and crescent moon."

She created a sense of depth in the way she aura-ed Crescent Moon and the detail of one weighted line in Ciceron is a wonderful idea.

From Lori Byerly ~
Lori gave a whole new feel to Ciceron.  Those black orbs with sparkle and her shaded aura are just spectacular.  She also posted it here on her blog.  

Linda Bladen wrote ~
I’ve used Cack, Ciceron, Cockles'n'Mussels and Crescent Moon. I used some card which I had washed earlier in the week with browns from my tin of Caran d’Ache wax pastels. I’ve used Ciceron, Cockles & Muscles and Crescent Moon before and was determined to link them in some way. I really enjoyed learning to use Cack, playing with different sizes and hiding some behind others. It’s a great tangle Adele!
 Oh, so many wonderful details - rows of Crescent Moon, interwoven Ciceron, and a clutch of Cack - yum!

Henrike Bratz said ~
I loved the challenge. There are so many patterns with two “C”s in their names. I couldn’t believe it. I chose to use choco box and celtic in addition to the patterns you suggested.
Five little yellow choclates for you!!

Now, that makes me hungry!  The tangles are so lovely and the light/dark balance, fine lines, and pop of color are fabulous.

Christine Forrester wrote, "This week I only used Cockles'n'Mussels (with a couple of scallops thrown in) and Crescent moon, putting cockles in the centre section crescents."
That was a wonderful idea!
Christine followed up just a few days later with another masterpiece ~

Lily Moon said that she used a few tangleations on her tile ~

That was an understatement.  It is a grand collection of them and Lily's use of black, brown, and sepia is striking.  She also posted it here on her blog.

Ragged Ray in her note below takes us on a tangle journey to her tile ~
It's been very hot here this week - nothing compared to your Florida highs but unusual for us. Too hot to do much, too hot almost to think. But strangely that worked out well for my tangling - the absence of conscious thought let me be led by instinct.

The tile seemed to fall together quite easily. Only two tangles - Ciceron (which is quite challenging to keep those little orbs even) and a bit of Crescent Moon around the edge. I forgot to offset every other line of orbs when starting Ciceron, so I turned it into a happy accident tangleation and drew another grid of them behind the first.

I think it suggests a tiled floor, bright lit by sunlight but shaded by two great parasols - who dares to dash between them?
 It is difficult to find anything else to add to her words except that her work is beautiful.

CZT Sue Jacobs wrote, "I really enjoyed this week's tile. String 50 has a symmetry to it - not unlike the symmetry in a zendala. I found the symmetry made it very soothing to work on. I also found this a fun one to shade."

It looks as though it was fun to shade!  Sue created a pretty version of Crescent Moon.  She also posted this tile here on her blog.

Asja Goven said ~
Ciceron was a new pattern for me and I adore it!
Cack on the other hand is one of those patterns that 'just don't work for me'. That's why I only used it in a small space.
Maybe I should force myself to use this tangle more so it can grow on me :)
Asja's detail is delightful and those long, lanky white spaces are lovely.  She also posted it here on her blog.

From Carmela ~
She created a pretty tangleation of Click Clack the dark spaces of Crescent Moon and Cockles 'n'Mussels are dramatic.  She also posted her tile here on her blog.

Jane Glotzer wrote ~
This came together so quickly for me, (submitting on a Friday!) but as you can see, I only ended up using two of the c-c tangles. I didn't plan what I was going to do at all. I started with Crescent Moon kind of as a frame/border. Then I added the Ciceron in the middle, which was new to me, but I totally love it. I had originally thought I would put Cockles'n'Mussels in somewhere because I really like that pattern and haven't used it lately, but in the end, I really liked my negative spaces and thought I'd leave them empty. There was a LOT of linework going on there in the center, so I added a touch of red to the circles and I love how that popped them out. Alas, I didn't get to use your whimsical Cack anywhere, but as always, I look forward to seeing what all the other contributors will do.

Yes, to all of the above and bravo for a stunning tile!

Debby Yabczanka wrote ~
I started with the crescent moon tangle, can’t wait to use that one again. I used click clack in the center and went on to cockles'n'mussels.
I found cicerone to be quite a challenge much to my surprise and messed up in a few places,( oh well) and finished off with Cack on the corners.
I added some shading at the end. Looking forward to the next challenge.

That is a very creative use of the tangles - Click Clack stretching through the middle, Crescent Moon aura-ed to a vanishing point, and Cack in the corners.  Delicious!

Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow sent another creative masterpiece.  She described it ~

Border Flowers were created using Cack.
Cocoon was created using Cockles & Muscles.
Tail was created by using Crescent Moon.

Her color is gorgeous and the tangles tell a story.  She wrote ~
The little caterpillar, coming out of his cocoon,
wanted to come out,
cause his wings were coming soon

He pushed his way out, what did he see?
pretty morning glories
around his body.

Annemarie said that she really liked this challenge ~
She filled in her tangles with such delicate lines and note how she shaded Cockles 'n' Mussels.  It makes the tangle seem to move!

This tile is from Juul ~

She shaded her tile beautifully - especially Ciceron where the orbs look dimensional and raised.  Nice work!

Kia said ~
I used the tangles Crescent Moon, Cack and Chillon - which I have just realized doesn't really qualify, because I failed to read the tangles must have Two C's in the name and went with only one. Oh well, too late to change it.
Even thought Chillon only has one 'C' it fits right in :)  The shading of alternating aura on Crescent Moon is so pretty.

 Fom Diana Spence ~
This is a clever tangleation - Cack in the center of Ciceron and all wrapped up with Crescent Moon.  Deanna left lovely white space, too.

From Audrie Weisenfelder ~
Audrie used the same grid lines for both Click Clack and Ciceron - great idea.  AND she added Cockles 'n' Mussels to the inside space of Crescent Moon - nice touch.  She also posted it here on her blog.

Christiane Plate said, "I really loved this string and the choice of patterns. From the 3 tiles I worked, this is my favorite. Thank you for this beautiful challenge."

This is really wonderful - so many details and the tangles seem to swim into and around each other.

Jenna Wheatman treated us to a brilliant monotangle of Cockles 'n' Mussels ~
It is very elegant - dark spaces between the "shells", shading, and the dainty dots!

CZT Brenda Urbanik wrote ~ are the two tiles I've made for the current challenge. I loved playing with Cockles 'n'Mussels again, such a nice tangle. And I can never get enough of Crescent Moon.
 Look at the perspective she achieved with Crescent Moon - as though one is peering down to the next level.

Brenda's second tile is photographed so beautifully - and it is a beautiful tile.  Dainty tangles, gorgeous shading and a pop of red - fabulous.

From CZT Joan Delony ~

What a wonderful version of Crescent Moon - it makes for great aura lines, doesn't it?  It is a wonderful take on the string line as well.  Joan also posted her tile here on her blog.

AND now, the tile selected for honors this week was sent in by
 CZT Margaret Bremner!

Margaret actually sent in two tiles - the first of which was for the challenge.  This is what she wrote about it ~
The first is square, B&W and used the tangles: Cack, Cockles'n'Mussels, Circfleur, C-Scape, Cracked Windows, and Cheesecloth. Some Black Pearlz sneaked in too; they almost always do!
 It is a glorious mix of tangles - and her tangleations of Cack are amazing.

Margaret's second piece, as she says below doesn't "conform to the requirements", but just had to be shown .  She writes ~
The second is on a Renaissance zendala tile. It may be hard to identify the string! I used the tangles: Cack, Crescent Moon, Chebucto, Circfleur, C-Scape. I loosened the reins a bit, and there's also Gneiss, Drupe, Tipple, Maryhill, and of course Black Pearlz again. :)
Don't feel you must include it; it doesn't really conform to the requirements. Just thought you'd enjoy seeing it.
It was fun to try Cack again. The effect of intersecting circles is quite interesting.
Quite interesting and mesmerizing.  Take time to study how she used the basic intersecting circles of Cack and then added other tangles to the shapes.  She shaded and highlighted to feature the string line.
Thank you Margaret for your inspirational work!

Thank you to the talented tanglers who sent in their creations for us to admire, be inspired by, and learn from.

Thank you to the creative minds behind the string line and tangles used in this challenge ~

Cathy Clifford via TanglePatterns for String 049
Cack - one of my patterns
Ciceron by Mariët Lustenhouwer
Click Clack by CZT Jane Monk
Cockles'n'Mussels by Margaret Bremner, CZT
Crescent Moon by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts

Check back tomorrow for the results of "It's a String Thing" # 51!


  1. What awesome beauties! (Hope you are recovering nicely.)

  2. What a collection of fabulous work! I've seen some ideas and tangles I want to try .
    Just a wee correction for those who used the Cockles'n'Mussels tangle: it's MUSSELS like shellfish, not MUSCLES like biceps. :)

    1. Oh, my goodness, I beg your pardon! It was my mistake and I did go back and change the spelling throughout the post.
      Thank you for pointing it out :)