Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tips for Tangling AA's

This week's "It's a String Thing" (click here to view the details) includes Judy Murphy's pattern AA's.  It is the epitome of a simple tangle that yields elegant results.

It is especially intriguing to me because my name begins with the letter A.  In fact, before I married my initials were A.A.

Over the years I've written my name in a variety of ways - all thanks to the versatility of the lovely letter A. This same letter can be drawn up as round and soft, curly and feminine, straight lined and angular, as one continuous line or divided into two or three lines.  That is quite a portfolio for the first letter of the alphabet.

Judy Murphy's idea of turning A's into a tangle pattern was very clever.  (Click here for the direct link to her directions.) I played with it a bit recently and I post my notes here in hopes that it inspires you to try it.   -

Have fun playing with this tangle!


  1. Very helpful. Was scared to give it a go, but think I will now.

  2. Thank you!
    This is very nice and helps me a lot.
    Have a nice weekend, * Manja *

  3. This post made me smile - as I'd gone so far the other way - doing extremely straight A's - as you'll see from my challenge tile. Thereby proving once again that there is no wrong in Zentangle.

  4. Very fun. Is that a special frame?

  5. Do you mean the frame on Friday's post? If so, it is a bought square frame and I tangled a piece of muslin that I stretched over a board and placed in the frame.