Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Make My Day

Our daughter Isabella has been working on a project in her high school art class - a belated Mother's Day gift for me she said.  Today she brought it home and what a gift it is!   Let me explain...

Last month this photograph of hers won a ribbon in the Spring Art Show ~
Photograph by Isabella Bruno

She snapped the picture in the side view mirror of my car on the drive home from school one day.  She edited it so that only the image in the mirror was in color.

I just love it - the composition, the splash of color, the fact that we were in my car, and that Isabella edited it just so.  She captured the quirkiness of the corner building, the contrast in architectural features, the round and angular shaped subjects, and so on...

Fast forward to this afternoon and this is the precious gift she gave me ~

Original painting by Isabella Bruno

She recreated her photograph as a painting and incorporated tangle patterns into the background.  Isn't that amazing?

What a fabulous Mother's Day gift from my budding artist, Isabella.  She really made my day!


  1. This would make my day too! What a talented daughter you have!

  2. Such insight your young artist has! And talented is an understatement! ! What an overall Blessing of many different ways AND to be a gift "for Mom" must be "the icing. ...) Thanks, sincerely, for sharing♡ PEACE & PRAYERS TO YOU & YOURS! !!~TANGLE ON! ~
    Bobbi.aka Tangler4Life

  3. A very special daughter Adele! Love that drawing of hers.

  4. Isabella and I both thank you all for your kind words :)