Monday, November 25, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #15 Tiles

Thanksgiving week is here and I am especially grateful for the talented tanglers who sent in their work for all of us to enjoy...
This first wonderful tile is from Mindy.
Mindy used large grids for her tangles and what a great idea.  She also mirrored Lokomotive and gave it an entirely different look.  What a lovely tile.

CZT, Brenda Urbanik said that she got carried away with Looplopp.  She found it "nice and meditative" and "could have simply done a whole time with that tangle."

Her comment is fascinating, because there were others who found that tangle frustrating.  Don't you love how the mind works - and how preferences for various tangles emerge?

Brenda also incorporated Lacy right on top of her field of Looplopp - fun!  She also added a little Lanie just for me, thank you!

Sue Jacobs said that this string was a lot more fun when she remembered what she always tells her students;  "The string is only a suggestion - and - it's not a coloring book, it's OK to go outside the lines!"
She also added that it was the first time she really played with Lanie and she really liked it.  She added a thicker line to the edges and the result is beautiful.  She left the center open and it happily makes the other tangles stand out.  Gorgeous!

Ragged Ray said that the string made her think of a "heap of fabric swatches" and so she added "little fringes and the like on the overlapping edges."
The results are so very pretty - and cozy!  She said that she really liked Lanie and would be "playing with it more to see if any tangleations arise."  Please do - and send a photo in when they do!

Jenna Wheatman sent in this lovely tile with a note that many will appreciate, especially as the holidays approach...

She said that she has been very busy with work and tired as a result.  That left her with little motivation or inspiration to tangle.  She said of this tile - "I don't think it's my best work but it certainly helped me wind down."

Hats off to you Jenna - thank you for the inspiration and the timely reminder.  It is in taking the time to relax and tangle that is beneficial.  The end result is always a masterpiece - not only the tangled tile, but the benefit to yourself.

This next tile is from Annie.  She just discovered Zentangle® in September - across the sea in Spain! 
New to tangling and submitting her tile to the challenge - now that's inspiring!  She has great movement with the curve of her lines and very nice shading.  She even added sparkle to her Lokomotive.  Thank you Annie - and welcome!

CZT, Rhonda Koplin, last week's honoree, sent in this pretty tile:
She said that all of the tangles were new to her and would be using a few of them in the future.  She certainly did a wonderful job of learning and using them.  The curved lines of Lacy contrast well with the surrounding grids.  Her shading of Lokomotive makes the tangle stand out.  Well done.

In her signature style, Sue Agnew sent in this tile:
She said, "I know all the little lines are probably overkill, but that's what I love and find relaxing about Zentangle...drawing all those little lines."  That's what we love about seeing your Zentangle work, Sue.  The variation on Lace Curtains is elegant as well as the sparkle on Lanie - lovely!

Audrie Weisenfelder sent in two wonderful tiles:

In her note she said that this combination of patterns and the string line were particularly challenging.  The admirable thing here is that she pressed on and worked with it and completed these pretty pieces.  She said that completing the challenges, mine as well as the Diva's and Zendala Dare, "keeps her on her toes."  We are all benefitting from that - thank you Audrie.

Joan Delony sent in two photos of her tile - pre and post shading:
She said she prefers the first one as it shows the stark contrast.  It is difficult to pick a favorite, but it  a very good example of how shading changes the look of tangles.  She used Lacy in a beautifully unique way - such a nice touch.

The tile set aside for honors this week was submitted by Jackie Becker -
Jackie has been working on her tangles and techniques quite tirelessly.  When she first started tangling she avoided shading all together.  Now, her tiles are illuminated with shading.  The progression has been a pleasure to watch.   This tile shows really show cases her shading technique and therefore has earned honors for this week's challenge.  Congratulations, Jackie!
I will be sending a little something in the mail to you.
Thank you all for the compliments on my Lanie tangle pattern.  It was a special treat to see it used in so many lovely ways.
Many thanks to the creative minds behind the string and tangles used this week:
String 019 by Linda Selymes courtesy of Linda Farmer
Lace Curtains by CZT Suzanne McNeill
Lacy by Sandra Strait
Lokomotive by Stephanie Kukla
Longwood by J.J. La Barbera
Looplopp by Ksenija Vojisavljevic
Check back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing" #16!
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Thank you!


  1. I just love coming here to see everyone's interpretation! And thank you for providing us with these challenges Adele!

  2. I can't believe how different all the tiles are - it's fantastic to see the different approach and end results we have despite starting out with the same pattern and instructions. I love this idea - and thank you for your kind words of encouragement! Axxx