Monday, November 18, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #14 Tiles

Happy Monday!

I am having a grand time visiting our grand kids this weekend, so pardon the late and somewhat brief post but I have to get my hugs and kisses in while I can!

This challenge was special for many reasons - a string and tangles from Zentangle® co-founder Maria Thomas and a succession of numbers in the date:  11-12-13. 

The first tile is from Joan Delony.

She was reminded of a bird in flight when she finished her piece.  Joan used such a nice mix of light and dark and her use of shading is wonderful.

Jenna Wheatman said she was "dead chuffed with the outcome" of her work and hoped that I liked it.  After looking up what that means in the UK, I am happy to say that she really likes it and yes, so do I!

How fun that she worked her tangles into scrolls and had the tangles follow.

Vicky from Montana used several colors to tangle her tile.    The color gave Tortuca a whole new look, didn't it?  She used two very nice variations of Tripoli as well.

Marie-Therese Dubois said that when she saw this challenge her immediate thought was that it wasn't for her this time - "the string was too tiny, the tangles needed more room..."

But then after she put it aside for a day, she decided to give it a try - and what happy results!  
Turtuca as a back drop is a wonderful touch and her variation of Tripoli is grand.  Thank you for sticking with it and taking the challenge!

Ragged Ray said that she didn't pre-plan or over think this challenge and had a more "back-to-basics" Zentangle experience.   The rest of us viewing her tile greatly benefit from her just to be able to see her work.

She filled in the negative space behind Tripoli, added Tipple in little bits for just the right touch, and added a nice variation of Taugh - beautiful!

Audrie Wiesenfelder sent in this pretty tile:

She created two looks for Tripoli and they are beautiful.  She accented her string line just so!

Mindy's tile is full of movement -
Her choice of patterns in the space are so pleasing to the eye.  Add to that her crisp and neat lines and it is difficult to stop staring at - just gorgeous.

Sue Agnew used gray marker to shade her tile and the look is striking:
She used sparkle and aura, varied the size and angle of her tangles and the result is so pretty!

Rhonda Koplin was the last tangler to submit a tile this week, so she is the recipient of the special commemoration of the date and challenge:  11-12-13-14.
Rhonda added a 'tail' after her creation reminded her of a sting ray.  She added a playful green to her tile and it looks like it was fun to tangle.

Thank you to all the wonderful tanglers who submitted their work this week.

Check back tomorrow for the "It's a String Thing" #15!


  1. Such beautiful work! I am sorry I missed it but I was just a tad busy becoming a CZT!!! So excited about my experience! Waiting for your next challenge.....

  2. I can relate to what Marie-Therese said - I often find the challenge that looks the most difficult gives the best results.

    And I smiled at Rhonda's sting ray (string ray?) as one of my first ever tiles came out looking like a ray too and gave me the inspiration for my tangling pseudonym!