Friday, August 30, 2013

The Leaves are Falling!

Tutorial on Leaflet, by Helen Williams

Ann Hathaway, a fellow CZT from Seminar 10 (applause, applause!) asked that I post some additional instruction on the tangle Leaflet, by Helen Williams. 

She writes, "I have tried Leaflet a couple of times and have been surprised that is it not as easy as it appears it should be!"

This is the step-out, along with my notes, that I wrote while learning the tangle:
Helen has beautifully illustrated directions on her blog A Little Lime. (click to see!) 
The key to drawing this pattern is having the curved lines meet at the vertical lines.  The curve of each side doesn't have to mirror perfectly, just be sure that those lines meet.  This creates the top of one 'leaf' and the bottom of another.
The other factor for a smooth look is to retrace the mid line of each 'leaf' as you add the 'veins'.  These lines do not have to be symmetrical, but it makes the pattern appear more fluid.  Don't get too concerned with this because once all of the sections are filled in, it doesn't make a huge difference if you vary those lines.
For shading, I like to shade from the outer edges of alternating vertical sections.  It really makes the pattern pop.
Thank you to Ann for asking about this pretty pattern! 
PS - You can visit Ann at Deep Magic Tangles.

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