Sunday, May 20, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #242 Tiles

It is such a pleasure to extend holidays and celebrations.  I feel like we've done that this week as our tile display has taken me longer to post than usual.   

My husband and I had the good fortune to travel (details below) for a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  In an effort to catch up, I have the notes and tiles posted below sans my usual
"Tangled Tidbits". 
Please enjoy the show!

We used a string and tangles with "Mom" in mind.  Let's continue our celebration and take a look ~

The first tile was actually sent in by a first time participant, Angie Gittles, CZT 29 (Maryland) ~
My first IAST! Hope I did it correctly! I used all three tangles plus Purk and Petal Puddle.

Welcome to IAST, Angie, and welcome to our Tangled Map ~

And speaking of Maryland...
I tangled this tile on a flight to Maryland for a grand Mother's Day weekend.  We attended our son-in-law Andrew's graduation from Catholic University of America.
We enjoyed a mini family reunion and toasted Andrew as he earned his Ph.D - an incredible accomplishment.  It was a blessing to revel in my roles as a mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother all at once...

From Priscilla DeConti, CZT (Kingston, New York) ~
Happy Mother's day to All..My mom has been deceased for quite some time and I still miss her.
Loved the challenge tangles this week
Thanks again for fun!

From Lily (Hungary) ~
Dear Adele, here is my tile for your weekly challenge.

From Baafke (The Netherlands) ~
What a wonderful prospect; a new grandchild!
In two months we hope to welcome our 2nd grandchild (a little boy)

From Lin H., CZT (Florida) ~
Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Adele! Your challenge with the Mothers Day theme was just that for me, a challenge! I was familiar with the tangles but putting them together with your string, hmmmm. I wanted to use some blue pens and pencils but got them mixed up and ended up using more shades of blue than intended but you know, no mistakes, so I just kept going and it was okay! (chuckle chuckle)

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
Firstly I must congratulate you on your cleverly designed new table, It’s a door-able, well done Adele.
What wonderful news for you that John and Mellissa are expecting their first child, an exciting time all round.
Attached is my Tile for ‘It’s A String Thing # 242’ challenge.
I had fun with this one. Happy Mother’s Day! to all Mother’s.

From Mariam G. (Port Hueneme, California) ~

First - Happy Mother's Day to you and all the Mom's - here and everywhere.
This string and the tangles confounded me a bit - I played with various arrangements and when the bones of this one appeared it made me smile. My own Mom would love this, but her eyesight will no longer allow her to view it. There is an old TV show called 'Amazing Stories' and one of our favorite episodes is 'Mummy Daddy' (the upper portions do rather resemble mummies...) Anyway, you have to know the story, but I love that this is what developed from your string and the patterns for this week. (apologies for the rambling!)
Hope all the Mom's out there have a lovely day
(ps - if you ever get the chance to see that episode I recommend you do so - very funny and heartwarming at the same time :-))

A very warm welcome to Maria B (Canada) and here on Instagram ~
Hello! This is my first time to do one of your challenges and I had a lot of fun with this. I kept my tangle pretty simple since the string really looked like two people to me and especially enjoyed the pixioze background.

Welcome to our IAST community, Maria, and welcome to our Tangled Map ~

From VenaC (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
Not exactly a Mother's Day design. Looks like a primitive mother and child. Lots of fun except for all the stripes on the little balls which got a bit tedious. I think I needed a cup of coffee! Happy Mother's Day Adele.

From Karin (Germany) ~
this is my entry to no 242.
Have a nice Mother´s Day!
Greetings from Germany 

From Nor'dzin (Wales, United Kingdom) ~
Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating. We have ours in March in the UK. A nice group of tangles, and thank you for the introduction to the delightful Pixioze. My week has been a little stressful, so I greatly appreciated the relaxation of creating this tile.

From Laurel Davis, CZT (New York) ~
Took me a while to come up with a composition that I liked well enough to submit, but my final attempt turned out to be my favorite. Happy Mother’s Day!

From Lynn G (Florida) ~
Happy Mother’s Day Adele.

From Trudi (Woodview, Ontario, Canada) ~
Happy Mother's day Adele! Once your kids start having children they really appreciate what a parent's love really is. When we had our kids we finally understood the tremendous love our parents had for us.
It was a fun assignment this week with these Tangles. I saw the mother and child right away and really enjoyed it. Thanks for your work!

From Renee (Austin, Texas) ~
Congratulations and happy Mother’s Day. Thank you, as always, for the challenge!

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) ~
thank you for this interesting challenge! I wish you a nice Mother’s Day!
Best wishes from Germany

From Jane Goddard (Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom) ~
Hello again and many thanks for this challenge. Two new-to-me tangles and I immediately knew I'd use pots-n-pans in the two "figures". Such fun when a plan comes together! I've used pixiose many times, a beautiful filler. Another lovely combination of tangles.

From Jutta Gladnigg, CZT (NRW, Germany) ~
In time for Mother’s Day I finished this tile. What a cool idea to announce ‚4Mom' as one of the patterns to use. Such a telling tangle name. And ‚Pots-N-Pans' is also such a funny pattern for this day. Yes, who would not think of thousands of cups and dishes that have gone through a mother’s hand when raising a child and taking care of a family… Even ‚O‘ in MOM can take the form of a plate, not to forget the Pixi-Os… When I was looking at your string and at the O-filled Zigzag of ‚4Mom' my eyes fell on a tile attached to a magnetic board close to my desk… Wasn’t that one of the O-shapes that I was intending to draw…perfectly round and caused by a spill? Some months ago my friend Jody Genovese, CZT, from New York, had sent me this tile which was meant as a ‚travelling tangles project‘. She had started this tile with a brown spill and the beautifully drawn pattern ‚Falme‘. ‚Falme‘ reminded me of ‚Pixioze‘ because of its similar shape, so I thought it would fit into this challenge as a 4th pattern. So I finished this travelling tangles project by using the 3 suggested patterns ‚4Mom‘, ‚Pots-N-Pans‘ and ‚Pixioze‘ and some Polychromos colour pencils for shading. Jody doesn’t know yet that I have finished ‚our‘ tile… I hope she likes how it came out. I couldn’t find her chop on the tile, so JG stands for us both: Jody Genovese and Jutta Gladnigg

From Marloes (The Netherlands) ~
I used 4mom to make garlands to celebrate mothers day.

From ARHuelsenbeck (Arizona) ~
Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mothers Day.

From Jane Rhea (Indiana) ~
Happy Mothers’ Day!
Women, by nature are mothers—-nurturers —-whether or not we have given birth to a child. We nurture our loved ones, our spouses or partners, our friends, our co-workers, those we worship with, those in our communities, those with whom we share a simple smile as we go about our day. We certainly nurture all those with whom we share the joy of Zentangle! So for all of the mother in all of us, those who nurture—-Happy Mothers’ Day!
We also need to take care of ourselves, and that means we need to continue to nurture ourselves and our own creativity, so that we can continue to take good care of those around us! Thank you, Adele, for all you do to nurture all of us!

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~

From Shelly St. John (Redwood City, California) ~

And this one is from Jennifer St. John (San Mateo, CA)
As a beginner, this is such a fun way to learn. I continue to struggle with “forcing” patterns
into the strings and I’m always amazed at how others so creatively do this. But as someone
is truly art challenged, I still really enjoy the process, and that is more important to me
than the end product.

From Sue Agnew (Tucson, Arizona) ~
Happy Mother's Day! hope you'll have a a wonderful day with your family tomorrow!
My tile this week came out more like a sampler than a cohesive piece of work ... but I had fun trying things!
I turned the string on its side, which is what suggested the parallel diagonal lines.
Then I started doing mash-ups. The bottom is a mash-up of 4Mom and Pixioze. I was going to do it "mirrored" but then I got interested in playing with Pixioze as though it were Tipple (wasn't that a Margaret Bremner how-to a few months ago?). The middle is also a mash-up of 4Mom and Pixioze but I used a more script-like line for the humps in the "M". I added the row of small "petals" around the Pixiozes because they kept looking like bunnies to me. The top row is a mash-up of Pots-N-Pans (her variation that looks like a folded piece of paper) and 4Mom. I had actually intended to mash-up all three, but when I had the "paper" drawn I wanted the spheres to be three-dimensional, so I didn't use Pixiozes for the spheres.
Thanks for another fun week!

From Holly (California) ~
Happy Mother’s Day!

From Sharon Fite (California) ~
A timely challenge, Adele! Good string and tangles. I added Dyon, Cresent Moon, and Bumpadox with orbs to mine. Wishing all moms in our community a Happy Mother's Day and special blessings to those of us who are facing their first Mother's Day without their moms.

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
Happy Mother’s Day to all! And best wishes for your growing family and expanding heart!
M ... for mother, Marian (my mom’s name), Mary (my sister’s and my mother-in-law’s names), and my maiden name. While all three have passed on, they are the foundation of my heart and soul.
Cheers to the moms, and to the hearts that grow and ache from past, present, and future joy.

From Gabi (Germany) ~
...Spent some days at Vienna and was so full of impression of all those great paintings. So there is a lot of gold and silver inspired by Gustav Klimt and I hope the string, Pots-N-Pans and Pixiose are recognisable.

From Felicity Strohfeldt (Velddrif, South Africa) and here on her blog ~
...Tile 242 was a great way to get back on track. All the patterns are familiar so that helped. Mother’s Day is synonym with flowers so Pixioze took on the role and filled and spilled from the Pot-N-Pans tower,s the vases and 4Moms stabilised the leaning towers. Enjoyed the experience. Thanks for the string and thanks to Jane Malone, Sayantika and Margaret Bremner for their lovely zentangle.
Have a peaceful week Adele and all the participants.

From Sherry Conte (Sanford, Florida) ~
I really had to practice Pots-N-pans in my sketchbook. I just couldn't get it. And then, the lightbulb went off and I figured it out. It took me all week to work out how I wanted to draw this challenge.

Thank you and a belated very happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and motherly influences across the globe.

Many thanks to the creative minds behind the tangles we used this week ~

4Mom by Jane Eileen Malone, CZT

Pots-N-Pans by Sayantika Ray

Pixioze by Margaret Bremner, CZT

Check back tomorrow for the results of "It's a String Thing" #243!


  1. Wow! These are fabulous--and all so different! What an amazingly versatile and creative bunch these IAST people are!

  2. Loved seeing what everyone came up with. I could really relate to Jennifer St John's (California) comment on "struggling with forcing patterns into the strings" as a beginner tangler. I struggle with the same thing and marvel and enjoy all the whimsey's and beautiful shading and composition and ideas that everyone comes up with here on IAST. Thank you Adele, thank you artists.