Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #233

It's Tuesday, your good news day!

Not to worry! You didn't miss the results of "It's a String Thing" #232. I will have them ready tomorrow.

Lou and I escaped for the weekend to celebrate our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. We spent a relaxing time in two quaint old Florida towns, soaked up the beautiful spring weather, and thoroughly relished the respite from our daily responsibilities.

Rejuvenated and ready to resume our adventures here, let's continue a tradition started a few years ago and celebrate National Pi Day, March 14 (3/14).

National Pi Day in the United States is the fourteenth of March and is so named for the first three digits of the mathematical constant, Pi (3.14).

Let's revisit our PI string from the previous two years. (I love that we have been tangling together long enough to establish traditions, don't you?!) ~
...a not-so-clever take on the commemorative day ;)

If aura-ing the string is something you want to do - aura as thin or as thick as you'd like. Here is just one possibility ~
The tangles we will use include ~

Frunky by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb, CZT
This eye-catching pattern captured my attention from the start.  It employs very simple strokes, aura and arcs, to form an elegant tangle. 

Soluna by Pegi Shargel, CZT
Oodles and oodles of orbs fill this tangle - like berries fill a pie.  Even though we are celebrating a different  'pi', Soluna is a yummy choice.

Keeko by Maria Thomas
The step out linked to this tangle show it drawn in a free form manner.  I find it very helpful to make a dot grid before tangling it - see what you prefer.

Simply pencil the string line onto your tile and tangle away! Keep in mind that string lines are suggestions and let the patterns lead the way.

The results of IAST #233 will be posted on Wednesday, March 14 (of course!).

Click the names of the tangles find the step outs. All tangles can be found on TanglePatterns as well.


Here are the (Not so) Official Guidelines:
* Challenges are posted on Tuesdays.
*Use the string posted for the week and some or all of the suggested patterns
* Submit a photo of your tile saved as jpg or scan your tile (300 dpi or higher) and save as a jpg
*Email your jpg file as an attachment to - brunoadelem@gmail.com
*Entries for IAST are to be submitted by Saturday evening of the week issued
*Photos, notes, and the 'Tile for Honors' are (usually) posted on the following Monday

Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world. WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR NAME, PLEASE INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for you to have a blog or website to participate.

If you do have a blog or website, I will add a link upon request.
Please include the site specific URL.

I look forward to your emails.

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