Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday House #2 of 5

Here is the second gingerbread inspired house in my five part series ~

Candy Post House by Adele Bruno, CZT

Tangles:  Twisted Rope, Printemps, N'zeppel, Diva Dance,
Flux, Cayke, Beadline, Florz, Gneiss,
Antidots, Festune, Cack
This was actually the first house that I tangled with a gingerbread house in mind.  I wanted to keep the colors limited to the red and green of Christmas and add enough brown to add to the gingerbread feel. 

I found that Diva Dance is wonderful to use as the trunk of a tree.  The top of the tree can take any shape and any number of tangles can be used to fill it in - in this case I simply tangled Printemps with a perf the middle of each one.

This house was also the spring board for my new eBook written with CZT Dorian Eng.  Click the photo in the top right column for more information.

Have fun creating your own!



  1. merci pour ce beaux livre que je viens de vous acheter. dommage que je ne puisses pas le traduire. les dessins et les idées sont superbes

  2. Through translator:
    Merci beaucoup.
    J'espère que les photos vous aideront à créer vos propres petites maisons.