Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy Halloween Haunted Houses

I couldn't let this festive week come to an end without a little 'show and tell' from my class last Saturday.

We began with black square and 3z tiles and tangled with the new Sakura Gelly Roll 10 pens.
This was my example tile ~
Haunted House by Adele Bruno, CZT
Diva Dance, Wired, Fescu, Knightsbridge, Flukes
- white chalk pencil highlights and a bit of colored pencil

 And this is our class mosaic ~

Happy Halloween Haunted Houses by Gara Hundson, Julianne Lopes,
and CZTs Sindy P, Brian Crimmins, Tracey Nicholson, Pam Marian, and Donnie Adamczyk

Tracey Nicholson added a bit of Metallic Gold and Red Gelly Roll to finish hers ~
by Tracey Nicholson, CZT
Isn't it adorable?

These were great fun.  We also began creating Christmas houses and I will start posting those after Thanksgiving. 

Stay tuned!

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