Monday, February 20, 2017

"It's a String Thing" #184 Tiles

This week's IAST was WAY fun and WAY zen (to quote Marla Mendenhall below).  

We used the new tangle WAYBOP all by itself, just one tangle and it captured a world of possibilities.

Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Long haired Lori, CZT 20 (Rochester, Minnesota) ~
Tangled Tidbits -
*aura-ed center creates Tipple filled petals
*stripes and sparkle accent the heart shapes

A very warm welcome to Holly Atwater, CZT (California) ~
I’m so happy to FINALLY send in a tile after lurking and admiring the beautiful art submitted from all over the world for years! I created this tile for my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day and used it for this week’s Diva Challenge also. When I saw your prompt this morning I realized I had no excuse to not send it in! I wrote about the details in this blog post : heARTfully twined…Thank you for all the inspiration and beauty you bring to the Zentangle® community!
Tangled Tidbits -
*elegant, elongated hearts reach to the three corners
*the initial hearts meet at the center point
Holly and her pin are now on our tangled map, welcome!

From Vonnie Schneider (Minnesota) ~
Thank you for the challenge this week! Spending 2 days home while the antibiotics and other meds kick in gave me plenty of time to test out several ideas with this string. I started the apple one and when drawing in the ink, I went too far on a couple of the lines. I set it aside and decided to go another direction. After finishing the 2nd one, I decided to listen to the Zen Tangle mantra of "there are no mistakes" and found a way to incorporate the extra lines. The tangles used on the apple tile are TriBane, Measles, and Ansu. The 2nd tile has Brayd, Intwine (fun once I figured it out on a curve), and B'Twined.
I am loving the weekly challenges so much that I decided to start at the beginning and get caught up! I have 12 done, 7 from year one and the 4 from this year. I have more strings/tangle names already in my sketch book ...kind of like a super fun coloring book! Thanks again!
Tangled Tidbits -
*apples! awesome idea
*seeds of Waybop repeat in background and circles
*shades of gold and grey

From Shirley (Queensland, Autralia) ~
Loved this challenge, what a great idea with so many possibilities I have submitted one but have drawn three so far.
Thanks Adele.
Tangled Tidbits -
*dark, sparkled hearts shine
*straight lines to fill Waybop add contrast to all the pretty curves

From Ria Matheussen (Belgium) ~
Here is my entry for a wonderful Waybop-challenge.
I have used a Renaissance-tile and started to draw Waybop with a sepia pen. When I finished this pattern, I have chosen to draw Squid and Sez behind.
I finished the tile by drawing N'Zeppel with a chalk pencil on the open spaces.
For coloring the tile, I have used ordinary colored and chalk pencils, a thicker black pen and a white gellypen.
Thank you very much for this beautiful challenge.
Kind regards from Belgium
Tangled Tidbits -
*luscious layering of tangles
*color, highlight, and shading add wonderful depth

From Emily Shelton (Kentucky) ~
I used 12 seeds! Loved working on this.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*twelve seeds with alternating dark and light sections yields a more circular look for Waybop
*pretty corners and soft shading

From Judy O (Concord, Ohio) ~
Thanks for the opportunity to experiment with Waybop - I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it!

Tangled Tidbits -
*Waybop second layer pull out into an interlocking circle - how fun
*light touch of shading and Florz backdrop

From Kate Ahrens CZT IX (Minnesota) ~
I was so glad to see that you wanted us all to try Waybop for this IAST. I had been meaning to try it out, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. I had just read the newsletter and blog post and tried my 1st “Hearty” Waybop. Then I read your post that it would be the string. The first one, the Pink/Red one was done on a bijou tile, (note to self: don’t try a new tangle on a small tile the first time out!) It worked well for a Valentine. I also wanted to try it the eight seeds for a start and to try to make it double “hearty” which lead to my second tile that was done on a watercolor dyed tile. This one even ended up to be triple “hearty” by accident. I really had fun with both and hope that you are having a great week.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*sparkled hearts and Printemps, too
*aura, perfs, and dots - lovely details
*radiating lines, light and dark spaces add to sense of depth
*highlights on blue really shine

From Gabriela Garcia (Alberta, Canada) and here on her blog ~
Hi everyone! Just the day before the challenge I watched a movie that showed Viking carvings and kept admiring them wishing to be able to draw something similar. Then when I read the challenge and saw the steps for Waybop I immediately so the Celtic resemblance with its joined circles or hearts... what a coincidence! So this challenge gave me the perfect opportunity I was looking for to try to recreate some Viking wood carvings. I think I went a little overboard with color, but I like the end result. It wasn't until I was posting my response that I realized the String had 8 seeds and I used only 6 oops!, good it was a suggestion and we could use more or less seeds. Greetings from Canada
Tangled Tidbits -
*striking design, highlights, and coloring
*simple lines, elegant result

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~
This is the first brown tile I have used. I used a prismacolor pencil to shade and it doesn't blend as much as I like. The tile texture is much rougher than I use with prismacolor. I do like this new tangle. I wish I had just made one big tangle of the lower right one and left it at that. Live and learn.
Tangled Tidbits -
*striped, solid, and white seeds featured in the three Waybop
*cascading seeds, shadow shaded

From Renee (Tennessee) ~
Tangled Tidbits -
*open ended and twisting Waybop lines
*rich touches of silver and gold

From Ragged Ray (United Kingdom) ~
It's always an exciting day when we are offered a new official tangle to play with!
Waybop takes a bit of getting used to – and at the moment it's certainly not one to try to squeeze into a small space. I kept my tile simple to better focus on that delightful over and under nature of Waybop. A little coloured pencil in the background, and a grey pen Printemps allowed the main tangle to step forward.
I know this tangle will lead me to many new and exciting places – but thank you for encouraging me to take the first step.
Tangled Tidbits -
*dark, rounded corners along with shading add more of a layered look
*striped and sparkled aura - notice how the single line outer aura breaks just above the sparkle of the blackened aura
*light Printemp filler

From Lisette Hofer (Switzerland) ~
I am an absolute fan of Way Bop - it is such a versatile pattern. It was new to me until I saw the video of Rick and Maria some days ago. Here my contribution for this week’s challenge.
Tangled Tidbits -
*beautifully detailed aura - rounded corners, perfs, light, dark, colors
*Copada filled aura

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
Interesting challenge this week. I have enjoyed playing with Way Bop and have 4 pages in my notebook of doodlings of various shapes, circular, hearts, square, celtic and flowery. It really is fun and has joined my favourites list.
Tangled Tidbits -
*Tipple filled center with touches of it in the tangle
*diagonally lined background

From Kathryn Crane-Thielen (Nova Scotia, Canada) ~
I have been doing your weekly challenges but I have not been sending them in unless they pass my eye. Waybop was fun but I had such a large center that I only saw a gem inside it.
Tangled Tidbits -
*...and what a beautiful gem
*touches of Waybop repeat around the border
 Kathryn sent this photo of her beautiful winter wonderland, a 'far cry' from Florida :)

From Trudi (Woodview, Ontario, Canada) ~
Waybop was so much fun! I kept trying it all week while watching (OK listening) to TV. I tried 8 seeds, 6, 4, 10 they all looked so interesting. Dear hubby was not with me on a shopping trip to town so I treated myself to a new set of coloured pens and pencils :). This is what I came up with also using Galatea, Go 4 & Multiply along with the little curve things used in Hamadox I don't know if there is a name for them?
Tangled Tidbits -
*tangles in deep blues and purples
*Waybop center grounds the outlying tangles

From Irene Harvey (State College, Pennsylvania) ~
This is my version of this week's tangle. Reminds me of Celtic design.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*inner aura and Hollibaugh fill Waybop
*delicately tangled outer edge

From Ellie Miller (Sint Maarten) ~
...On Mosaic, I am DrEllie.
Facebook page is TangleSXM.
I have been doing Waybops all week--I was so excited to finally finally finally have the step-out in Mosaic and that wonderful video from Maria and Rick! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my work!
Tangled Tidbits -
*outer layer of Waybop has three curves, each aura-ed and filled with curls
*white chalk pencil gives the tangles a glow

From Sharyn Penna (Massachusetts) ~
It's been a busy (snowy) week in New England ... and I've found myself saying "one shovel full at a time". My treat for all that shoveling was warming up with Waybop and Hearty Waybop.
My first tile put an extra twist in Hearty Waybop ... my second tile found leafy shapes with a Drucas-like fill. One of these days I'll find my way (Bop) to the mosaic app ... till then I'm looking forward to the Tuesday reveal of all the tiles!Cheers to sunshine!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*intertwining looping hearts - wowza!
*single file Tipple fit the given spaces
*wider base of seeds creates elongated pointed shapes
*alternating direction for the wavy aura

From Susie (Thailand) ~
Thank you for the challenge IAST 184.
I have 2 tiles again for your challenge IAST 184. One is my favorite, albeit not conforming to your sketch and waybop is well hidden, but the white one should pass. It is not my favorite because for my taste it is too busy. I like white spaces for the tile to breath and the patterns to stand out. So why did I crowd it? Still learning….I am in lesson “The Knowledge of Knowing when to Stop”.
 Tangled Tidbits -
The mood and time and surrounding affect our tangles, don't you think?  Sometimes light and airy work and other times very detailed tiles emerge - both beautiful.
*swaying loops and weighted lines of Waybop
*wonderful movement created as the other tangles fill and spill from Waybop
*super shading - mirrored at the bottom
*Waybop curves flow into Mooka curves

From Jutta Gladnigg (NRW,Germany) ~
Waybop Chivalry... Thank you so much, Adele!
Tangled Tidbits -
*delightful details, double decorated aura
*curved stripes and Knightsbridge
*stellar tile and back drop!

From sra (India) ~
Here's my entry for IAST 184. Thanks for hosting and have a nice week!
Tangled Tidbits -
*darkened seeds, shaded lines and center of Waybop
*shaded surrounding tangles highlight Waybop

From Gudrun S. (Germany BW) ~
here my first approach for „Waybop“.
Wish you a good week

Tangled Tidbits -
*Waybop loops pointed at both ends
*multi-colored aura

From Barbara Steyer (Germany) ~
"At the end of the tunnel there's a light..."
Sometimes it's pink:-)
It's always a joy to see all the wonderful tiles from all corners of the world. One theme and such a diversity!
Proud to be a part of it.Greetings from Germany
Tangled Tidbits -
*pretty pink Tipple bubbles in the center and 'escapes' from slits in the aura
*striped ovals alternate with black pointed loops

From Lynn Gotham (Florida) ~
Thank you for another fun challenge Adele
Tangled Tidbits -
*simple and elegant tangle accented with a touch of white
*layered aura and curves of Fescu add sense of movement

From Karin (Germany) ~
thank you for another great challenge.
When I was exercising with “Waybop” I thought about playing cards so I tried to put all the symbols in. I was not really successful with “Clubs” which looks rather like a token…
I am excited to see all the other tiles!Greetings from Germany
Tangled Tidbits -
*a creative take on the tangle to add playing card symbols
*shaded border and tangle outline

From Linda (United Kingdom) ~
Hope all is well with you. I haven't managed to submit a tangle for a while but today I'm having to take it easy so what better way than by tangling. Enjoyed playing around with Way Bop, thank you.
Tangled Tidbits -
*rounded corners in star-like arua - notice how the tangle has two auras and then is aura-ed as a whole twice
*penciled Sandswirl background is pretty and it makes Waybop pop

From Michele Wynne (California) ~
Thank you for another inspiring challenge. I was quite excited to see Waybop appear in the Zentangle newsletter this week and got to it right away. I started with a dip pen and ink on a watercolor tile. Then the IAST challenge appeared and I felt compelled to explore the "Hearty" version,
I couldn't decide which one I liked the best, so I'm submitting both;-) I also posted these on my blog this week.
Thank you for everything you do here. I am always inspired.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*highlights and shading of layers add depth
*Crescent Moon and perfs create great scalloped aura
*marvelous Mooka
*perfs tucked into Diva Dance, highlighted and shaded curves

From Ingird (The Netherlands) ~
Thank you Adele for this wonderful challenge!
Although this tile took me a lot of time to make, I enjoyed every minute. The other tangles I used are Sandswirl by Karry Heun, Pokeleaf by Zentangle, Kuke by Katy abbott CZT, and some Black Pearlz.
Tangled Tidbits -
*dark center carries through in stripes, perfs, and outer background
*shading at each overlap of Waybop lines
*four outer Waybop lines topped in loops

From Linda (Pennsylvania) ~
I love Waybop, Mosaics, and Kitchen Table Tangles with Rick and Maria! I watched their video on how to tangle Waybop many times ( starting and stopping it, without the sound). I am sure I will do this one many, many more times. A special thank you for this challenge.
Tangled Tidbits -
Isn't that a great way to learn? - especially from the master's themselves...
*detail lines repeat, alternating inside and then outside of each Waybop section
*flower-like perf clusters

From Tina Kirchhübel and here on her blog ~
What a great challenge with an amazing tangle. I drew two tiles. The first one was definitely not planned in this way. I wanted to draw some Mooka but it looks not like I imagined. So I started the second tile. But then I wanted to finish the first one, too and decided to draw the whole background black with only some light dots.
Hope you like my versions and I am so anxious what the other tanglers did with Waybop.
Wish you a great weekend. Greetings from Germany
 Tangled Tidbits -
*starry night background
*weighted lines, rounded corners for Waybop's seeds
*rounded corners, soft coloring, and perf filled outer aura
*grey Crescent Moon and aura

From Betty (Germany) ~
This thing was very challenging for me as a beginner. The whole week I had no idea what to do with this string. But after your warm welcome last week I wanted to participate again. So I finally managed to draw something that look like waybop. Proud that I didn't gave up. Thanks for the challenge!
 Tangled Tidbits -
Congratulations for not 'giving up', the result in inspirational.
*stunning combination of sparkled stripes, aura, and tangles
*Cat-kin 'X' marks Waybop's center

From Kate (United Kingdom) ~
My contribution to your challenge this week. What a lovely tangle. I've
spent ages 'playing' with it and I've sent you the tile that I'm most pleased with. Thanks once again for all your hard work every week.
Tangled Tidbits -
*starburst flare to Waybop as the tangle's loops come to points along the rays
*black, sparkled perfs outline Waybop and line the rays
*fabulous aura

A very warm welcome to Tonia Croce (Rhode Island) ~
Tangled Tidbits - 
*heart details in and outside Waybop
*aura creates a pretty scalloped edge
Tonia is now added to our tangled map, welcome!

From Sharon Fite ("soggy Central" California) ~
What fun Waybop is! Really got the creative juices going. Here's a quarter sample.
Tangled Tidbits - 
...can just imagine the beauty of four tiles together...
*open curled loops interlock with one tapered one
*complimentary tangles create a regal tile

From Jody Genovese, CZT (New York) ~
Happy President’s Day…
Sending warm wishes from NY.
Tangled Tidbits - 
*endless, captivating details:  aura, highlights, light and darkly lined tangles, grey channel of white and black perfs...
*beautiful balance of black, brown, white, and shading

From Jane (Boulder, Colorado) ~
Here's my sweet, quick #184 on a previously watercolored absolute FUN Waybop is...started with 8 seeds and did the pretty basic version...filled the center with some Diva Dance first, then added the 4 other circles...auraed around the teardrop shapes...oops! one step too far--really liked it much better before, with the space around the interlocking loops much more prominent, but oh well--added the striping to try to "fix" it--;) Shaded the overlapping areas...still liked it better before the auras, but it's pretty cute--:)Happy tangling...and as always, thanks!
Tangled Tidbits - 
*lovely aura and detail lines
*center of Diva Dance alternates in surrounding Waybop spaces

From LezliB (Utah) ~
I love this tangle and have been playing with getting it learned all week. This is my submission for this week, although I am not at all sure it's finished yet. I started this is my favorite sketchbook (6" x 6") and it just kept going until this is what I got. I will be doing this tangle some more on some regular tiles, but for now this is my submission. I think it probably needs a bit more shading and some background, so it's probably really a WIP, but I wanted to send it along anyway. Thanks for your challenges Adele!
Tangled Tidbits - 
Thank you for sending it in 'as is' and for the description.  Tangles do have a way of going their own way and surprising us with how they turn out.
*rounded corners of striped Waybop orbs
*aura rounds out around the inner perfs all wrapped up with pretty shading

From Karen (Canberra, Australia) ~
I like your 8 petal version of Waybop. The 8 seems to work better for me than the 6 that the Mother Ship use. I created this ZIA later, late at night when sleep just wasn’t happening.
Tangled Tidbits - 
Tangling is a wonderful solution for fitful sleep, isn't it?
*Mooka springs elegantly from aura-ed Waybop
*repeated center of Waybop free floats off to the side

From Lily (Hungary) ~ is my entry for your weekly challenge. I use Staedtler fineliners and Polychromos pencils for this challenge.
Tangled Tidbits - 
*circular and loop tipped sections of Waybop
*extraordinary, colorful lights and darks

From Simone Menzel, CZT (Germany) ~
Waybop is soooo beautiful! I had a lot of fun with this tile. I used a Zendala tile for this challenge because it has a bit more space... I realized too late that I started with only 6 seeds instead of eight ...Nevertheless I like the result and hope you do as well...
We have the last winter days here in Germany (hopefully...) this morning the sun is shining and the birds are singing... there are some spring feelings... Can you imagine, how much I am looking forward to the spring time?
Tangled Tidbits - 
*pointed and rounded Waybop, aura and Diva Dance filled
*stunning background created by leaving one half white and darkening in the spaces around Sandswirl

From Patricia (Switzerland) ~
Thank you so much for the inspiration of doing new tangles! I did the first one with hearts and rings. Later I saw Maria and Rick doing a different variation and tried it in my notebook. I then did it...not exactly the same .... and am sending it too.
 *multi-layered, multi-colored aura
*shaded center and outer points
Tangled Tidbits - 
*detailed filler tangles
*sparkly gold accents

From Jennifer Moor (Switzerland) ~
Waybop - just what I had been looking for! For some time I've been wishing I had a tangle to fill a zendala and that wish has now come true with this beautiful new design. It reminds me of Celtic knots - I absolutely love it! I couldn't resist doing two so I did one on a zendala and another on a bijou. I will be using this tangle a lot - it is so versatile and tremendous fun to fill!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*interlaced and multi-layered hearts and orbs
*Tipple filled aura and center sections
*six seeded Waybop yields three hearts
*pretty filler tangles

From Robin Steinbeck (Ohio) ~
Here's my Waybop. It went in a fun direction, not sure this is truly waybop.
Tangled Tidbits -
*...a very fun direction - your variation of Waybop - way fun!
*layers of aura and soft shading

From Marla Mendenhall (Long Beach, California) ~
Waybop. Way-zen. Way-fun. Way-WAY my cup of tea. Graphic, organic, evolving. Endless pattern potential. Infinite embellishment opportunities. Do I Love it? WAY!
Tangled Tidbits -
Spot on description of Waybop, Marla, I'd say we all agree!
*wonderful versions of aura - Z-trick and continuous line
*remarkably even spacing, mirrored spaces, beautiful composition

From Felicity Strohfeldt (Velddrif, South Africa) and here on her blog ~
Tile 184. Now Waybop nearly caught me dropping back to “Oh, I’ll never get this one right.” Then I decided be positive, ‘Don’t let “Bop” get you down, there is always a “Way” to conquer a challenge.’ Took the bull by the horns, and this is what came out of initial doubt. I’m surprised and furthermore Waybop is a Zentangle ® and so are Purk, Flux and Tipple! Coincidence! Thank you.
Tangled Tidbits - Thank you for that tour through your clever thought process, Felicity.
*Purk is a lovely compliment to Waybop as are the alternating light and dark aura lines
*orbs repeat throughout and the outer ones grab a bit of color

From Henrike Bratz (Germany) ~
Tangled Tidbits -
*swirls of Paradox in Waybop's center
*dark, sparkled stripes in Waybop's hearts
*Crescent Moon morphs into Diva dance

This is my tile ~
While not the most detailed of pieces, this tile is sentimental to me.  It is the first one I completed after Maria introduced the tangle at zenAgain last November.  When we were encouraged to explore it in our notebooks, the possibility of integrating hearts immediately came to mind and I drew this tile. 

And now...

the tile for honors this week...

were sent in by...

From Lovelygiraffe (Japan) and can be found on her Instagram ~

  Tangled Tidbits - 
*magnificent shades of brown, glowing highlights and soft shading
*highlighted Diva Dance in a star-like fashion
*Diva Dance spirals off into strips
*elegant fields of white Printemps
*center eight seeded Waybop surrounded by an inverted four looped one

I have a little something coming in the mail for you.

A huge thank you to all of the contributors to this week's challenge.
Please know that I appreciate and treasure your kindnesses and encouragements as well. 

Many thanks to Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas for WAPYBOP

 Check back Tuesday afternoon for "It's a String Thing" #185!


  1. Thanks for the round-up, Adele! I really like Waybop and the winning tile is stunning! - Sra

  2. Thank you Adele, for all your hard work in putting this challenge together for us. It's always a challenge for me and I pretty generally do the challenges, even if I don't get them sent to you always. It's such a delight to see the differences in style that everyone has when presented with the same challenge. Thank you again!