Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for Tangling Warped Eggs

Warped Eggs, a wonderful pattern by Livia Chua, was featured in last week's IAST #137.

There were many compliments for the look of Warped Eggs, but many tanglers experienced difficulty when trying to draw it.

I have spent some time this week studying the tangle, and have drawn up Tips for Tangling that I hope you will find helpful.

Livia's original step out has the first 'C' curve lines running horizontally.
My alternate step out below begins by working vertically.  For me, this small change proves to make a big difference in orienting the tangle.  See what you think...



  1. Brilliant step-out!!! Thank you so much. I just couldn't get this tangle to work out in my notebook previously. But it worked first time using your steps. Now I'm ready to tackle it in my Tangle A Day calendar or a tile. Woot!

  2. I've liked this tangle since I first saw it. I love your variations of fills!

    1. You came to mind when I did the stripes and sparkle - thank you for the inspiration in your beautiful work.