Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tangled Straw Ornaments

These beautiful handgefertigte strohsterne (handmade straw stars) are the precious handiwork of artist Henrike Bratz of Germany.

Henrike, who lives near the Baltic Sea, is a frequent contributor to "It's a String Thing" and I always enjoy her tiles as well as her weather updates.  This spring she surprised me with a package of her pretty straw stars.  I was moved to happy tears - such a precious gift.

They are extraordinarily special, not only because they are a gift, but because she wove a tangled piece of vellum into the center of each star.  The tangles she used are my Bud, Budlite, Xav, and Lanie - isn't that remarkable?

I have been waiting patiently for the Christmas season to hang them on my tree ~

Each one is delicately knotted together with a silver gossamer string.

 Each one is different.

 Each one is beautifully tangled.

It is wonderful that Christmas is here and they now grace my tree.  I must admit though, that I have kept them displayed on my bookcase since they first arrived.

To see more of Henrike's handmade straw stars, click here and/or here for her website and shop.

May your gifts these season bring comparable joy!