Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"It's a String Thing" #115

It's Tuesday, your good news day!

And this good news day begs the question, can you ever have too much rest and relaxation to  celebrate a birthday?
"Absolutely not." is my resounding answer.

My family and I are just back from a long weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida.   Perfect weather, lazy days, lots of sun, and beautiful sunsets...a perfect way to wrap up a birthday celebration.   The tiles submitted for "It's a String Thing" #114 and the good wishes were the icing on the cake, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I will post them tomorrow  in lieu of my usual Wednesday's Words of Wisdom.

As for today - we will begin "It's a String Thing" #115 with TanglePatterns String 116 by CZT Sandy Hunter ~

Copyrighted image used with permission by TanglePatterns.com 

This string has interesting possibilities.  Let's use a few patterns that will be sure to lend some contrast while sharing similarities ~

Fandance by  CZT Diane Knauff  
This is a one of the newer patterns published on TanglePatterns.

Swarm by Maria Thomas   
This pattern will lend a nice contrast to Fandance  - while it is similar in its triangular beginning, it can be made quite light and airy.  Besides, it begins with an 'S' to honor Sandy :)

and the third pattern is my absolute favorite Sandy Hunter pattern ~

Cruffle  We used this not too long ago in #98 so it should be fresh in our minds.

Step outs for the patterns can be found by clicking their names above and/or TanglePatterns.

Use as many or as few as you'd like.

Simply pencil the string line onto your tile and tangle away!  Keep in mind that string lines are suggestions and let the patterns lead the way.

Here are the (Not so) Official Guidelines: 
* Challenges are posted on Tuesdays.
*Use the string posted for the week and patterns that begin or contain the letter(s) indicated
* Submit a photo of your tile saved as jpg or scan your tile (300 dpi or higher) and save as a jpg
*Email your jpg file as an attachment to - brunoadelem@gmail.com
*Entries are to be submitted by Saturday evenings.
*Photos and 'Best of Show' are posted on Mondays.

Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world. WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR NAME, FEEL FREE TO  INCLUDE YOUR STATE/COUNTRY. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for you to have a blog or website to participate.

If you do have a blog or website, I will add a link upon request.  
Please include the site specific URL. 

I look forward to your emails.

Check back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing" #114 Tiles !

And to share the beauty...

Sunset on Redington Beach, Florida  Photograph by Adele Bruno, CZT

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