Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tips for Tangling Amphora

This week's "It's a String Thing" challenge (click here for all of the delightful details) features Lily Moon's pretty pattern, Amphora.

Lily's step out can be found here on her fabulous blog.

The flowing curved lines added in the early steps are soothing to draw.  They can be drawn in one pass of the pen without lifting it from the paper.  This adds, I find, much 'zen' to the experience of tangling.

In an effort to draw the initial lines and diamonds in a similar continuous manner, here are some of my "Tips for Tangling" ~

Try Amphora and perhaps send in a tile for the challenge - you may discover a few tips of your own to pass along to the rest of us.



  1. Adele, you are a genius! I was having trouble lining up the diamonds but now it's so easy. Thank you!

  2. Great tips Adele :) Thank you for you've chosen my pattern. I can't wait the tiles :)