Sunday, October 12, 2014

Florida Art Educators Association Conference

There is a saying that reads, "If you are lucky to live by the sea, you are lucky enough."

I think of those words and smile when I think of teaching Zentangle® -
"If you are lucky enough to teach Zentangle, then you are lucky enough."

Last week -  with many thanks to Leslie Crumpler and the Sakura Company -  I was lucky enough to teach a group of twenty talented, dedicated, eager-to-learn art teachers at the annual Florida Art Educators Association Conference in Daytona Beach.
Yes, lucky enough to be by the sea AND teach Zentangle!

My three hour seminar introduced the teachers to Zentangle through the use of the  Zentangle Apprentice Program.  Click here to view it on the Zentangle website.

Sakura graciously sent raffle prizes and lesson plans and supplies for the teachers.  We were able to discuss how tangling can be used not only in the art room, but in many other capacities:  improved concentration, behavior,  and retention of information.

Based on the feedback I received from them, the teachers were very enthusiastic about the art method, thoroughly enjoyed their time tangling, and were eager to incorporate Zentangle into their curriculum.  Mission accomplished!

My class was held in one of the many conference rooms set up for the weekend ~

We were able to complete three tiles together.  Here is a sampling of our very first ones ~

I am excited that these teachers have a new life skill to pass along to their students.  The gift of Zentanlge continues...

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