Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"It's a String Thing" #59 Tiles

This week's challenge brought home the fact that it is indeed a fabulous fall so far!

The string comprised of intersecting, long s-curves and only two tangles were used.  Three simple elements and a world of possibilities as this week's tanglers prove.  Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Sarah Hluchy.  She wrote ~
...I decided that Oke was enough for this tile. Oke is one of those patterns that I would never have chosen to record in my zentangle reference sketchbooks. but I like it, I'm glad you made me do it!

A very simple and sincere Oke it is!

Kathryn White said ~
The design isn't anything note worthy, but the coloring was quite satisfying.
The slicci gold pen didn't roll on smoothly. Had to go over it several times.

It is very note worthy, beautifully detailed and the color is gorgeous.

Kirsten Bish wrote ~
Here is my tangle for the week "Lacy" . This one was really fun! I totally let my mind go, and about half way through, looked up and said to myself "Self, this is really pretty, keep going!"
And  I agree with herself - this is really pretty - a very beautiful look using white on black.

Cheryl Stocks chose a Zendala for her tile ~

She tangled Oke and Meringue into one cleverly added acorns.  Note how she thickened some lines to add weight to the tangles.  She also posted it here on her blog.

From Carmela ~
Very great idea to use Oke also as a string.
I like Merinque very much and could practice it in this tile , because i never used it before.
I choose to shadow the merinque and not the tipple in between.
Her fondness of Meringue shines through and choosing to shade that gave the tangle great movement.
She also posted it here on her blog.

Lori Byerly said ~
The string you picked pushed me toward a zendala-like tile (repeated patterns in a round). I have never done anything like that, so it was great fun. I'm going to have to get some round tiles and experiment.
My tile is also posted here.

This is a fabulous twist.  Lori tangled Meringue along the string line and then added bits of Oke - that is wonderful!

From Sara Belmont-Kleingeld ~

Wow - this is fun.  Sara aura-ed the spaces around Oke and cleverly added a tangleation of Meringue complete with sparkle.

Ilse Lukken wrote ~
I love Oke, it's such a beautiful pattern! Meringue was new to me too, I found this one a bit harder to do, but the combination with Oke is wonderful.
I put this tile on my blog as well.

Ilse's combination is wonderful - the shaded tipple and the thicker lines around Oke especially.  

Joya said ~
...here's my contrbution to your challenge. Meringue was really challenging to me, I like straight patterns much more, but I learned to deal with it so I have to thank you very much for this challenge :-)
There's a post on my blog, too. 
Joya tangled Meringue inside of Oke and added perfs along the string line.  Again, we see thicker lines and great shading - how lovely!

Kia Richardson said ~
Now this one was lots of fun to do. I love Oke. I had quite a time with Meringue and am not particularly happy with the way I have drawn it, but your learn as you go. I couldn't resist colouring it with those glorious fall colours.

She added acorns along with those glorious fall colors for a very pretty tile.

Christine Forrester said ~
I was so excited about this challenge. One of my favourite Tangles – OKE and learning Meringue – that looks so like falling leaves.
 I started within my comfort zone with the black and white one, and then inspired by other peoples’ posts, from previous challenges, I mashed the two tangles – I wanted to see what OKE looked like with Meringue in the spines and was sooooooooo amazed. Then thought that the shapes formed by Meringue reminded me of the helicopter seeds that come from the Maple Tree in my front garden so had to draw the last one. Again I had some help from the cat, she is really taken by my Tangling – or maybe it’s the movement of the pen/pencil, so some of the colouring is a bit outside the lines in the middle one, perhaps I should have called it Cat up a Tree.

She described her work so well, I can only add that is is beautiful!

Annemarie said ~
Thanks for a great challenge this week, I really enjoyed it. On my blog I wrote this about it:
...[the tangles] Both new to me and a big challenge to make them 'fit'. I took a tile in fall colors, that I had colored before with Lindy's Stamp Gang spray and tangle on it. I made the string pop up by using the thick side of a Dual Point Identi pen.
She tangled Meringue in three of the sections, and Meringue in two others.  Aura and shading and a bit of green are very nice touches.

From Janice L Johnson ~
I had a lot of fun doing this week's challenge. Oke has been one of my favorite tangles since I first saw it. Meringue, on the other hand, was more of a challenge for me. When I first read the challenge I thought we were supposed to use just the string and Meringue. I later re-read it and realized that we were to use Oke also.I did 4 tiles for this challenge and am submitting my two favorites. The others can be seen on my blog here 

Two very beautiful variations, each one featuring a different tangle along the string line.  The contrast is just wonderful to see.  Shading in the first, and line thickness on the second really make them stand out.

Lucy Banta wrote ~
Timing was perfect for this autumn themed challenge! It's been brisk and beautiful in NJ all week!
For the life of me, I couldn't get meringue to round and twist. Any tips? :-)
Here's the link to my tile.

Like Joya, Lucy tangled Meringue in Oke - so much fun.  Meringue looks just great here - maybe seeing everyone's will give Lucy confidence in hers.   Shading and Tipple are just amazing.

Cheryl Craver said, "I almost passed on this one because I’ve never really liked oke but I’ve been reading Cris Laterneau’s great book and decide to give it a “pattern play” try"

Cheryl is referring to the book Pattern Play.  It is a great resource and I am happy to see it also proved an inspiration for Cheryl to send in this splendid tile.  She tangled Oke and Meringue with a Florz backdrop.  She has some delightful details here and great shading.

Sharyn Penna said that she found the two tangles - both new to her - to be a "perfect combination." ~

This is just gorgeous - Oke on the string line with more tucked behind and a swirling, shaded Meringue dancing around.

Nagy Ferenc sent this pretty tile ~

She tangled a smaller Oke and folds and folds of marvelous Meringue.  She also posted it here on her blog.  

From Lily Moon ~

Lily tangled on black - grey and brown billows of Meringue with a white background, a bit of Oke and a dotted border.  That is delightful.  She also posted here on her blog.

Annie Taylor said ~
Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness...it's feeling autumnal here now, so this was a lovely appropriate String Thing and I felt a Renaissance tile was fitting too.
The string was Oke, I couldn't begin to think how to make it anything else and as this is the first time I've used it, I just did what it said in the instructions! And where else could meringue go but as a delicate white background? A tile that did itself and was a pleasure to do.

Her note is a poetic description of the joy of tangling - such a pleasure to read.  Her tile is all that she describes and such a reflection of the mood she captured in her words - beautiful!

Susan Theron wrote ~
Here in South Africa it it now supposed to be spring, but there is still a bit of winter chill and rain. We have an oak tree in the garden and it spring green, so it was a great tangle to try.
The spring must be lovely there.  Susan's tangles swarm and swirl and are shaded just so.

Ingrid Coventon said ~
I have submitted a very organic tile which I loved to do. Usually I stick very close to the challenge, but not this time. I am sorry, but I had to throw in some Fescu. For some reason, don't know which one, Merinque and I don't "click". Merinque appears in this tile as one of the last butterflies in this Indian Summer days as we are enjoying in The Netherlands.
What a beautiful tile and the idea of using Meringue to make a butterfly is so clever.

Jane Glotzer wrote ~
Happy Fall!...Here in Colorado we don't get as much of the really bright reds and oranges of the northeast but we do have a lot of beautiful golds and rusts. So, for this week's challenge, along with the chosen tangles and string, I took inspiration from the colors of autumn and started with a watercolor wash before I did any tangling...unfortunately, my photo does not do my colors justice--:) but I love how it looks in person!
...I decided to just go with one very large Oke to fill the entire area, and used a bit of Meringue inside the leaves. At first, I only had some small circles in the background coming up from the junction of the leaves, and I liked very much how that looked, but they were so "zenifying" that before I knew it, I had circled all over every empty place!!
Didn't really need too much shading with my colored background, so I added just a touch around the leaves...

The colors are true to fall,  Thicker lines as well as shading make her Oke float above all the Tipple of her background - very nice.

Kristen Kostelnik Killips said, ",,,I had tried Oke before, but was a little intimidated by it. It seemed to come together this week in the combination of your string and Meringue. Fun!"

It did all come together for one lovely tile.  Meringue  is so striking in white.

Deanna Spence said that she added "a little fall leaf color to her Renaissance tile ~

Deanna created pleasingly plump Oke 'leaves' with Meringue aura, white highlights, and delightful details - yum!

Sue Agnew wrote ~
I so admire Michele Beauchamp's artistic flair with her Zentangle-inspired art! It was really intimidating this week, using her tangle, which is so uniquely suited to her style. So I tried to not be totally obvious and "just copy."

This tile is quite a compliment to Michele's flair and Sue's work as well.  See how she created an Oke type tangle out of Meringue and even added sparkle to it.  That is fabulous.

Joan Delony said, "...a little Halloween fall fun! See it on my website ."

Like Ingrid, Joan created a Meringue butterfly.  She added a gorgeous fall orange and some Halloween guests :)

I liked that there were only two tangles this week and I knew one of them. This is my first attempt which included both tangles. The Oke with Meringue veins and the center veins in the upper corner are variations of the two.

Peggy Kohrmann said ~
This is my first Renaissance tile and the sepia Micron seemed to be the perfect media for the Oke tangle. Used my new Intense ink pencils for the sepia pencil to shade. A Little aura and the variation of veins on the sides finish it.
That captures the feel of fall.  Note how she used aura around the outside of Oke and outward from the center of it.  

The 'variation on the veins" is a great detail as is Peggy's wonderful shading on Meringue.

Cat Trask said, "I thought I would try my hand at adding a little colour, try out my new colour pencils.  Fall has such beautiful reds and oranges and yellow as the leaves turn."

Sections of Oke and dancing Meringue - that is a very pretty tile.

Audrie Weisenfelder wrote ~
I really enjoyed this week's String Thing. As I said on my blog Purple Butterfly, I'm not a big fan of Oke, but I do love Meringue; which, to my way of thinking, has a bit of an Aquafleur feel to it. And to my surprise, when I set Meringue on your string, Oke just fell right into place around/behind it. So here it is:
That is a terrific blend of the two tangles - great shading, too!

From Juul ~
Juul's curved lines around the sections of Oke. the variation of thickness of the lines, and her shading - not to mentions those delightful dark perfs - add up to one beautiful tile.

Sue Agnew said
...did this one late at night and photographed it on my kitchen table. I swear I used a black pencil for my shading - not purple. The gremlins in my computer changed it. But in the interests of full disclosure .......
It's on my blog 
Computer gremlins are mischievous - but the purple is pretty any way as are Sue's tangles.  She tangled smaller Oke sections in lovely layers alongside twists of Meringue.  That is very pretty.

And now, the tile for honors this week was sent in by 

Kelly Rickert.  
Congratulations Kelly!

She wrote ~
Unlike Last week, this week's string and patterns just shouted out to me and I didn't even know what was happening as this tangle appeared on the tile in front of me!
Seriously, I felt like "The Tangle Whisperer" while working on this one :)
Also, In a lot of my work I never know when I've finished. But this one told me when to stop drawing! This was the most relaxing and fulfilling tangle experiences I have had!
What a fabulous description - puts the 'zen' in zentangle!

Kelly tangled twists of Oke and Meringue that are just captivating to follow - large ones and a cluster of smaller ones.

Congratulations, Kelly, I have a little something coming in the mail for you.

Thank you all for sending in your fabulous work and many thanks to Michele Beachamp, CZT and Kelley Kelly for their pretty patterns.

Stop back Tuesday afternoon for "It's a String Thing" #60!


  1. Oh fantastic imaginations and tangleing! Love what you all have achieved.

  2. I have been practicing and practicing and.......meringue and I'm having trouble with it still. Usually Ellen Wolters videos help, but didn't on this one. The pattern in Susan Theron, Sharyn Penna and are beautiful. I'll keep practicing!!

  3. I posted some Tips for Tangling Meringue on my October 9 post. I hope they help!