Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

The beauty of Zentangle® is that it provides a way for people to remain artists as they grow up. 

Others who have grown up and forgotten they were once artists, rediscover their gift.

Invariably when I teach a Zentangle class, or describe the method to someone, they make a connection to some type of art work they did as a child.  It is fascinating too, because specific memories return: a certain class, a particular pen, an endearing teacher, a painting, a prized drawing. 

These memories are often accompanied by remarks about a particular piece of art they finished and were very proud of - years and years ago.  Then comments follow that reveal a desire to reconnect with that time, place, and ability to create.

My nephew Aaron is a sophomore in high school.  Last summer, sitting around the kitchen table,
I taught him a few tangles.  He produced this with pencil on copy paper. 

Last week after the first "String Thing" challenge, Aaron sent this beautiful piece:

Aaron's rigorous academic schedule does not allow time for an art class this year, but he is able to express his creativity - in part - through Zentangle.  That's a gift for all of us who get to see his work.

Aaron is an artist and has not lost sight of that as he continues to grow up. 
Makes an aunt proud, and Picasso too, I'm sure!

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