Monday, August 12, 2013

New Weekly Challenge Coming Tomorrow!

 As an early student of Zentangle®, I remember my mind flooded with questions, excited and a bit overwhelmed with the sea of possibilities, the sheer number and variety of patterns, and how timid I was about drawing strings.  Strings posed a peculiar  stumbling block for me.  I was not sure what type to draw...curved or straight lines, a few or many lines, and just how many patterns did I want to use?

I considered writing a series of workbooks to not only help myself along in the practice of Zentangle, but to help others begin and thrive in their own journeys as well.

Then, as Providence would have it, this wonderful world of blogging opened up. the two?  Of course!  And just a few months later - a baby was born.  Just kidding, but certainly this challenge is a product of the two! (So it really was not such a stretch after all... :)

I named it:  "It's a String Thing".

With Linda Farmer's blessing, the 'String Thing' weekly challenges will use strings and patterns from her website, Tangle Patterns.  Each week will feature a particular string and patterns who's names begin with the initials of the string's creator.  It is a simple, direct, and fun exercise.

The logo looks like this:

...a tile, with dots, a border, and the letters for the strings inside.  The heart on the first letter 'g' is a homage to Maria Thomas - where would we be without her?  Certainly not tangling!.  Thank you Maria.  My 'mark' is in the lower right hand corner.

"It's a Sting Thing" is ideal for all tanglers and is especially friendly to those just beginning.

Here are the particulars:
     Challenges will be posted on Tuesdays.
     Entries must be completed on Zentangle tiles or on your 3.5" x 3.5" paper
     Submit entries by emailing photos to me - 
     Entries are to be submitted by Friday evenings - I find, and sadly I might add,
               that the cleaning and laundry need tending to on the weekends :)
     Photos and 'Best of Show' will be posted on Mondays.
This is going to be FUN!


  1. Looking forward to this Adele! I'm on vacation at the moment so I don't expect to be able to send anything for a couple of weeks, but I'll probably do it anyway.

  2. Pooh! I love the challenges, and this one sounds perfect as I find making up my own strings more than a bit difficult. Can't wait to give these a try.

    Thanks for sharing your time and talent.

  3. How fun, what a great idea Adele. Love it!! Can't wait to participate in some.