Friday, August 16, 2013

Tangle a Ceiling Tile?! Part 2

Yesterday we left our little chameleon all tangled in and smiling.  Tangling from this point, I drew a border around the outline of the tile and worked my way inward.  The small holes in the tile didn't pose much of a problem if I used a light touch on my pen.  I found that if I pressed too hard, the nib would catch in the pock marks and create an uneven thickness to my lines.

After the border was complete, I added a shadow to the sign he's sitting on and then began tangling poke leaf from the lower left corner, then the right, and met in the middle.
The one request that our kids had was to include our family name somewhere on the tile.  After adding a few more tangles and a border around the sign, our name was the finishing touch.

Now when we eat at the restaurant, we can look up at the ceiling and see a tangled tile and smile.
Think of the possibilities tangling on acoustic tiles can bring - doctor or dentist offices, schools, stores...see what you can do in your corner of the world "one stroke at a time!" 
On another note:  There is still time to participate in this week's "String Thing" (see Tuesday's post).  Email your photo today!

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  1. Love him! Beautifully done. Soon to be everybody's favorite at Tijuana Flats!