Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tickled that it's Tuesday

Always a fan of alliteration, I am tickled to say that it's Tuesday and Tuesday is your good news day as my dad is want to say.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Tickled to Tangle will host the newest weekly Zentangle® challenge on the web.  It's focus centers around the element of strings and the "elegance of limits" they afford.  My goal is to provide an avenue for an enjoyable journey into a more fluid practice of Zentangle.

Every Tuesday beginning one week from today - yes, you will have to wait just a bit -  I will post a challenge to my fellow tangle enthusiasts.  Pictures will be posted every Monday featuring a selection of tiles submitted from that week's challenge. But enough for now....more details to come!

I follow in the footsteps of  my fellow CZT™'s who's work is inspiring - a tall order, to be sure.  The Diva Challenge has been an invaluable resource for years.  Mandala Dare lends another dimension with the art of Zendalas™.  The talented Jane Monk and one of my absolute favorites,  Sandy Bartholomew, have recently started their daily and weekly challenges.  It's a privilege to be in their company.

Stay tuned - details to follow as the countdown to Tuesday begins!

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