Monday, August 19, 2013

"It's a StringThing" #1 Tiles

The results are in!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching at the Osceola Decorative Artists monthly gathering.  It was a special treat to be in a room teaming with talent, creativity, and eager minds.  I am indebted to you for your warm welcome. I am especially grateful for your contributions to the inaugural week of "It's a String Thing" challenge. 

Here is a sampling of the tiles completed using Linda Farmer's String 001 and the following patterns that begin with the letter "L":

Leaflet by Helen Williams
Locomotion by Stephanie Kukla
Lacy by Sandra Strait
Lotus Pods by Margaret Bremmer
Lanie by me:)  Adele Bruno

                                                         by Kathryn Crane-Theilen

                                                                          by Grace

                                                                   by Jean Zawicki

                                                                   by Judy Dearolf

                                                                   by Julie Kelley

                                                                     by Kate Dowd

                                                                 by Lynn Ingersoll

                                                                  by Mary Francis

                                                                    by Nan Paras

                                                                     by Sandi Byers
Choosing one entry over the others was very difficult, but choose I must! 
The 'Best of Show' for "It's a String Thing" #1 is...Deanna Spence. Congratulations, Deanna!  Here is her beautiful tile:
                                                                   by Deanna Spence

Deanna's shading of Leaflet and the way she finished the edges of both Lanie and Lotus Pods drew me back to her work every time.  I will be sending a little special something in the mail to you, Deana, to mark this special occasion.

Many thanks again to the wonderful women of the Osceola Decorative Artists. 

Stop back tomorrow for the next "It's a String Thing" challenge.

Tangle on!

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