Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Webster defines wisdom as, "1a: accumulated philosophic or scientific learning:
                               b: ability to discern inner qualities and relationships: INSIGHT 
                               c: good sense:  JUDGMENT..."

Sometimes words of wisdom come in snip-its when I least expect them.  Like a dandelion's seeds blowing by, I grab them and write them down so I won't forget or mull them over in my mind, hoping they'll stay awhile.  (The older I get the more mulling that requires!)

While shopping at one of my favorite local design shops, a plaque that hung on the wall above the register caught my attention.  It read:       
To live a creative life we must   
first lose our  fear of being wrong.
I wrote that one down.

As Rick Roberts writes in The Book of Zentangle:
"We say that in Zentangle, there are no mistakes.  You can look at them as what Bob Ross, the late renowned painting instructor, called "happy accidents."  It may not be what you planned or expected, but that is part of the magic of Zentangle.  It opens a space for something new because it is not limited by an expected outcome.  What seems like an "oops," can be the foundation for something new and exciting."  (p 42)

A poignant reminder is the absence of an eraser on a Zentangle pencil.

It is freeing to break from the hold of fear in your life - no matter what the source.  It is freeing to be creative and realize that there are only positive possibilities for the outcome of your artistic endeavors.

Pick up a tile and tangle with renewed confidence today!

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  1. Love your new blog, Adele, and am happy to be "following"! I especially loved today's post and your post about Ann. Your work is beautiful and so is your blog! ♥ from a fellow CZT 10!