Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Hey Bud!"

A new pattern!  Part 1

I am so excited about this versatile new pattern. Allow me to begin with how I named it, and then work my way to the tangle itself.

It's name is Bud for my son Louie.  He's a man of few words, and even fewer first thing in the morning or at the end of a school day.  In working with him on that - as I tend to be very talkative - I usually give him a quick shout out as he walks by, "Hey Bud!"

Versatility describes Louie.  Name something and he can do it - and with ease, often wondering why it's so special to anyone else watching.  Here is a sampling of what I mean:

Catch a 'lunker' bass, no problem
Throw a cast net in the surf and hand feed an egret and a great blue heron, no problem.

Throw a vase, no problem.

Take phenomenal photos, no problem.

Run up a tree, no problemRun up a tree?!  Yes...

Go fishing and catch an alligator....NO problem.

...but there are some things a mother should just not see...

On to the pattern -

In the first parent/student assembly marking the beginning of Louie's senior high school year, I scribbled an idea on the back page of my check book.  It was the only paper I had in my purse :)
The idea grew into a simple and very fun tangle.   Here is the step out for Bud
The more I played with the initial design, the more versatile it became. 

And there is more, but this post is getting a bit long!  Check back tomorrow.  I will post the step-out for even more variations and a few more finished tiles.  In the meantime, play with this pattern and see what you can come up with.  Have fun!


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