Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tangled Packages

I enjoy using tangles on unexpected things.  For example, this is how I decorated my husband's birthday package:

It's actually the top of his wrapped gift - about the size of a shirt box. 
The particulars:
I first wrapped the box in freezer paper, my favorite multi-purpose paper.  The side of the box even reads: "Use for Arts & Crafts".  Who knew?!
It's coated on one side with a thin plastic film and a nice white paper on the other.  When I wrap gifts I put the coated side down so markers do not bleed through to the present underneath.
I use these pens -
A brand new, juicy Sharpie is easy to work with and I like the size of the fine point.  The Micron 08 is a thicker nib than the usual 01 used on tiles, but it's width contrasts nicely with the Sharpie.
I begin with a border, then tangle my way into the middle until I am left with enough space to write my greeting. The border I chose for the design pictured above was inspired by a Mehndi pattern (page 22) in Sandy Bartholomew's book Totally Tangled.  
The next time you need some wrapping paper, tangle your own.  You 're sure to make someone smile!

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  1. My Mom's birthday is today (29th) I have been looking for birthday zentangle examples. Your's is the first one I have come across, thank you so much.