Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

"You can do anything if you have the right tools."

My "It's a String Thing" #1 tile
My brothers and I have our parents to thank for the words of wisdom quoted above.  We grew up hearing them and believing them.
If you think about it -  'tools' range in meaning from the implements used to the education, training, and experience received.

The bottom line is - with the right training, education, and tools - all things are possible.

Perhaps that's why the Zentangle® theme:  Anything is possible one stroke at a time™ rings so true to the students of the art...a tile, a Micron pen, a pencil, and a world of possibilities!  

Take a look at "It's a String Thing" this week and send in your picture...keep tangling!  Spread the joy!

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  1. Adele, that is a beautiful tile. Your Leaflet is perfect. I have tried Leaflet a couple of times and have been surprised that it is not as easy as it appears it should be! I'd love a tutorial on how you did it. ♥