Monday, August 26, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #2 Tiles

The tiles from this week's challenge are just beautiful.  Opening emails and seeing them is like receiving gifts on Christmas morning.  Each one makes me smile.  Each one is a delight to open.  From the selection of tangles, to the variations in the patterns, to the individual styles displayed, these entries are real treats.  Let's take a look.

Deanna Spence, winner of last week's challenge, sent in this beautiful tile:
I loved the variations and the curve of the graceful lines in her Fricle tangle pattern as well as the detail in Fancy Nancy.  See how she used Fang - curving it up and breaking it off into smaller and smaller sections as the line rose upward?  Very nice.
I am proud to say that my daughter Catherine sent in this entry:
Her Fang tangle pattern is very eye catching.  It hugs the curve of her string line and gives it movement.  I really liked the use of Fescu in the lower left hand corner - so simple and so pretty.
To my delight, Deanna sent a second tile:

This one made me tear up a bit, I must admit.  I was so touched with her variations of Fancy Nancy (a creation of mine).  She varied the weight of her lines, the light and darkness of sections, and added dimension with her shading.  I appreciate the work in this too, as I know she taught herself four additional tangles in order to complete this tile.  It is just gorgeous! 
It was very trying to single out one tile for this week's 'Best of Show' - but after much deliberating I'm happy to present it to you:
This entry is from Mindy.  Its elegance and simplicity kept drawing me back.  Mindy varied the size of the tangle Flez as it follows the center sections created by the strings.  This added depth and an illusion of distance.  She used Flez again behind the main focal point, varying the pattern a bit with some inside aura, darkening of the negative spaces, and shading, to create a curved look to the tangle.  Congratulations, Mindy! 
Stop by tomorrow for the particulars of "It's a String Thing"  #3!

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