Monday, August 5, 2013

Butterflies Everywhere!

On the heels of my post Celebrating Ann, I opened the newspaper to see a colorful array of photos highlighting home goods in butterfly motifs.  Talk about timing! 

The article, "Flight Patterns" by Elaine Markoutsas, touts the use of color and inspiration from butterflies in home décor and fashion this season.

A quick search on Google images using any home related word - chair, plate, pillow, etc. - reinforces the fact that the influence of butterflies is everywhere.

Veronica taper chair (West Elm Photo)
Christain Lacroix Maison Plate

The author quotes artist Chris Reilly -  who's latest exhibit featured butterfly inspired art - as saying,
"We live in a cynical age, with a lot of fear.  Butterflies are an antidote to fear and cynicism, the opposite of anger.  When I see butterflies, I feel joy."
That made my heart happy.  Tangling spreads joy.  Tangling Ann multiplies the joy! 
Try it in a tile today.  Find a butterfly graphic that you like and try your hand at coming up with your own variation on a pattern...the world is full of possibilities - and joy!