Thursday, March 20, 2014

XAV - A New Pattern

Xav is a grid based pattern and although most of its lines are straight, it yields a rounded look.

My inspiration came from a printed border on a piece of mail that we received.  It was a colorful and clean graphic design and it sparked an instant idea -

Tangle pattern Xav by Adele Bruno, CZT
The pattern begins with a curvy 'X' inside each square of the grid.
I've named it Xav for my sweet grandson, Xavier.  How could I not name it after the only boy I know with a name that begins with and 'X'?!
Besides that, I am one very proud grandmother.

Here is the first tile I completed with Xav -
Xav monotangle by Adele Bruno, CZT

 I kept the pattern straight and clean on this monotangle just to see what it would do.  On some sections of the tangle, I added only half of the detail lines and the shading is varied a bit.

The tangle however, can adapt very well to curvy lines or a grid that varies is size.
Just like everything else Zentangle® - it lends itself to endless possibilities!

Xav with Pauline's Pigtail and Iza by Adele Bruno, CZT

After a search through my resources,  I was not able to find a similar pattern but if I've overlooked something, please do write to let me know.



  1. The more tangles i see and digest, the pickier i become.... And the more devoted i become to the ones i love! ( hmmm, sounds like how i view "friends" as i get older!) hahahaha
    I love this one!! So simple, clean, effective. Versatile

  2. Very nice! A bit similar to Exis in its construction, yet quite a different result.

  3. Oh, this is a good one. I had a play with it this afternoon - my first attempt went astray - but plan to try again tomorrow. Will let you know how I get on!

  4. I'm going to have to try this one Adele, I love the end result! Super tangle!

  5. I like the combination of rounded curves and straight grid lines. Definitely going to try this one out.