Friday, March 7, 2014

Frame a Friday

There is a quaint old hotel in Winter Park, Florida, that we love for -as the song says- "sentimental reasons." We enjoyed a relaxing stay there recently and it was the first time I took in the surroundings through my Zentangle® eyes.

Armed with some fresh material for inspiration, I set out to see what tangles or ZIA might come from my new arsenal.  Since I wrote about borders yesterday, I chose to begin with this photograph of a mirror frame...

I tried a few variations on this theme, using the whole design, then just bits of it until I finally worked up a simpler step out for a border based on just the right side of this frame -

Border Step Out by Adele Bruno, CZT

My design is inspired by the original.  It is definitely not a carbon copy, nor did I want it to be.   I used the frame for inspiration and worked on shapes that I found easier to repeat in a somewhat uniform manner.

So there it is - a frame for Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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