Monday, March 31, 2014

"It's a String Thing" #33 Tiles

This week's challenge was certainly a celebration of spring.  We used a flower-like string line and a lovely variety of tangle patterns.

The first tile arrived from Lily -

Lily has many nice touches here, especially her shading on Diva Dance.  She said that she used water-soluble colored pencils for shading. She also has it posted here on her blog.

Chrissie Murphy said that she loved the "infinite possibilities" in this week's challenge - 
The additional patterns works well together here, most notably the larger centered tangles against the smaller ones of the background.

Colette Horsburgh also used a variety of tangle patterns -

The bold contrast is very striking.

Cathy Cusson said that she loved this string - 
Her Diva Dance is very eye-catching.  Cathy also added that she would like to "find the time to do one in color like a tulip."  You are in for a treat as you scroll down because other tanglers did just that...

Joan Delony said of her first tile that she wanted the center string line to stand out more, so she added just a touch of color - 

Of her second tile, she writes:
 I modified the string. When I first saw the pattern japan diamond, then looked at the string with that in mind, all I could think of was a cut crystal egg. Therefore, I had to draw it the way I saw it.

This is really lovely.  I especially appreciate that Joan was compelled to draw this once she had an image in mind.

Kylie Vitnell said that she never used Tagh or Japan Diamond before, but is now "in love with them" - and it shows:

She came up with a very clever use of Diva Dance, didn't she?
Kylie also posted her tile here on her blog.

A very warm welcome to Dorothy Allison from Adelaide, Australia - (a place I've always wanted to visit!)
 She used the Fox Trot version of Diva Dance.  It is very pretty and shaded just so.

Another very warm welcome to first timer, Rachel Godbee.
She just recently attended her first Zentangle class.  That is very exciting and so is her tile - her Diva Dance really does dances, doesn't it?!

Joyce Evans said that this was a "real challenge" but she managed to get it done -
The end result belies the sentiment because it is beautiful.  Tagh really shines as it pushes upward and the depth Joyce's shading add is very nice.

Cheryl Anne Day-Swallow titled this one "Pretty Peacock" -

She writes:
the ground was made using diva-dance
the peacock feathers were made using tagh
the frame was made using Japan-Diamond
There is so much beauty to take in here - Tagh layered in vibrant color and Japan Diamond as a frame just to name a few.

Peggy Kohrmann said that this string reminded her of Easter.
She adds:
The Japan Diamond seemed the perfect design. I really like W2 and basket-weave types so added that.
I wanted to do another tile and chose black and white and copper gel pens. Diva Dance Rock seemed to fit best and I loved making each petal different.
It is gorgeous in its simplicity.

Ingrid Coventon sent in this tile -

She wrote:
It was fun to work on this tile, but I’m not so happy with the result. But in the zentangle spirit that is not important. I hoped it would become a spring-like tile, but it's not as light and agile as I had hoped for. Anyway I learned some new tiles and I am already looking forward to next week’s string.
While Ingrid may have had something else in mind, her finished tile is very pretty.  She added detail to W2 and Tagh too!

A very warm welcome to Sarah.  This is the first time she has submitted a tile:

She worked on a black tile and added two of her favorite tangles to the mix.  While Diva Dance proved "a little challenging" on the black, all the tangles came together beautifully!

Ragged Ray said that when she used Japan Diamond in the center string section she "essentially created a Faberge egg."

She adds: "Which made me smile because I've long been fascinated by Faberge. I tried to carry the diamond shape into Diva Dance but I'm not sure it worked that well. A little border of W2 and I'd made a neat little spring basket! I used a bit of colour this week and a water soluble graphite pencil for shading, which I don't have complete control of yet!
It is just bursting with the feeling of spring!   

Angela Carstensen expressed similar sentiments to other tanglers this week when she said that she liked the tangles and the string line, but had more of a challenge making them flow all together.

Perhaps is the sunny spring in Germany with the flowers blooming that inspired her because the end result is very happy.  Angela adds some special touches to her tangles - the inserts of Diva Dance and Japan Diamond in W2 along with the curls in Diva Dance - great ideas!

Catherine Wells expressed her misgivings about working with this string too.  She pressed on though and has some fabulous work to show for it -

Catherine achieved a very light delicate look with Japan Diamond especially in her first tile.  It looks as though W2 is pushing up from the center through Diva Dance and against Japan Diamond.  It is such a pleasing mix.

Her second tile feature more fun - especially the added detail lines of W2.

A warm welcome to Val Brandon who writes from the UK.
She was inspired to participate by fellow tangler and blogger Annemarie.
Val added bold color to her piece.  She also came up with a unique detail - a wonderful idea for the rest of us to use - she created a  highlight by using Tagh from either direction in the string space and leaving the center blank.  Now, that is striking!
Val also posted her tile here on her blog

Sue Jacobs sent this beauty -
She centered Japan Diamond and her added sparkle makes the tangle bend and shine.  Sue contributed a fabulous piece to my blog last week on the tangle enhancer SPARKLE.  To read it, click here - it's a treasure trove of information.

Audrie Wiesenfelder chose a tinted paper for her tangles -
She used soapstone and white charcoal pencil to hightlight the patterns beautifully.  Diva Dance looks as though it could just wiggle up and off the tile.  It's so very pretty.   Audrie posted it here on her blog as well.

LonettA was another tangler who worked through her misgivings with the pairing of the patterns and string - and she found a wonderful balance -

Look at her lines in Diva Dance - lovely, lovely movement.  Upon finishing, she decided to add color -
She used a variation of Japan Diamond that looks a bit like Ragged Ray's new tangle, Snag.  It has a nice, delicate feel.
LonettA also posted her work here on her blog.

Juul Gendreau said that this is the first time she added shading to her work -

She wrote:
Here is my contribution. Now I tried shadowing for the first time.That's why its a bit dark...
This string told me all the time that it needed flowers so I added " flowervine". As you can see I completely messed up "w2" but I actually liked the outcome so I left it how it had developed itself.....
I liked the string so much that I had more inspiration as place on my tile!
Juul's work is delightfully detailed especially where Tagh gradually gets smaller and smaller adding a sense of depth and distance.  Juul ended her note with this:
Merci beaucoup pour l'organisation chaque semaine.  We are learning a bit of French as we tangle ;)

Annie Taylor said this of her tile -
Last minute as ever - I had to dash this one off so nothing sophisticated or clever about it. Pure Zentangle for 20 minutes - one line at a time. It was a lovely string and some really beautiful tangle options. If there were more time, I would definitely do another and spent a bit of time on it. But I look forward as always to seeing what others make of the challenge - it's one of the hightlights of my week!!
It is a great benefit to us that she didn't have more time!  What a great thought that she "dashed it off" in pure Zentangle® fashion.  It is the beauty of the method, is it not?  Thank you Annie for reminding us.

She also posted her colorful tile here on her blog.

Sherrill Herron said that she calls this "CORN wrap"-

That is a wonderful reference - and tile.  Sherrill's Diva Dance waltzes gracefully from one side to another.

Just after reading Sherrill's note, Sharyn Penna sent this:
 I played around with the string intent was to create a rolled leaf affect with Diva Dance.  Using Tagh with it I instead got a couple ears of corn. I'm going to have to play with that rolled leaf idea ... 

Shayrn did get a really nice effect with Diva Dance and Tagh used in a downward direction is delightful   Japan Diamond makes a very delicate backdrop, too.

Rhonda Koplin said that this was the first time she tried W2 and is sure to use it more often now -

She tangled it so well.  She also created wonderful variations of Diva Dance with smaller sections of her string line.

Amy Curtis slipped in this blue beauty - 
This pops with color and with shading - especially in the way she darkened the centers of Japan Diamond.

Sue Jacobs said that she is calling this her "Spring String" - and even sent along a photograph of her inspiration:

Sue added
I know traditional zentangle is not supposed to be representational of anything but when I saw this string and looked out my window I couldn't resist. My crocus flowers are finally starting to emerge. So I had to add the colors to this string!
It is amazing to see how she captured the feel of her flowers in pattern and color.  Happy Spring!

Anna Houston, with a nudge from her husband, sent in her tile this week.  We have them both to thank because we get to see it!

While it is true that tiles are meant to be viewed from every angle - this one just oozes movement from the bottom upward and Diva Dance pops from behind.  Anna's Japan Diamond is lovely and lacy.

A N D now, the tile selected for honors this week was created by Charlotte Carpentier!
Charlotte said that said that she thinks Diva Dance is her "new favorite tangle" - and it shows.  She has created a lovely version of it here and her shading is wonderful.  Charlotte also fashioned a unique tangleation of Tagh and moved from smaller to larger arcs to create depth.  W2 holds its own in the center as a sort of anchor for the rest of the happy things going on around it.  

Congratulations, Charlotte!
I have a little something coming in the mail for you to commemorate the day.

Many thanks to the talented tanglers who sent in their tiles for the rest of us to enjoy and emulate.

A special note of thanks to Linda Farmer and Jadie Wright for String 034
and the creative minds behind the tangles used this week:
Japan Diamond by CZT Laura Liu
and three official Zentangle® patterns:
Diva Dance
W2 and

Stop back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing" #34!


  1. another wonderful inspirational selection!
    Thank you for your kind comments about my tiles and for your overall commentary.
    Well done to everyone for having a go and meeting the challenge and to Charlotte for best in show...a gorgeous interpretation!

  2. Really wonderful series of tiles!
    Thank you for all the kind comments. I have to agree with you. My "Japan Diamond" looks like "Snag"! But I didn´t know "Snag" until now! I would call it "Snag" now!

  3. These are all amazing. I am so proud of everyone who went through with it in spite of the resistance. Thank you, Adele!

  4. Another gorgeous collection. I love this challenge, it has to be my favorite. Thanks Adele. xx

  5. So sorry I did not get to submit mine, (I did actually manage to make one before going on holiday), but I just love coming here to see everyone's wonderful and inspiring creations!