Friday, September 27, 2013

ZIA and Palm Pods

Those of you who live in tropical regions know that palm pods have many decorative uses.  If you are not familiar with them, a 'google image search' will quickly show you their varied uses.

This beautiful ZIA palm pod was painted by Kathryn Crane-Thielen.

Kathryn is a painter in the Decorative Art field.  She received her training and certification under Ann Kingslan, MDA in Omaha, Nebraska.  Her focus is mainly oil and acrylic painting. 

Just last month, Kathryn came to one of my Zentangle® classes - a bit reluctantly she later admitted.   She was not sure if it would not prove interesting or useful.  Happily,  she caught the 'bug' and has since been using Zentangle in her painting, especially in her beautiful scroll work.

Along with these photos Kathryn wrote: 
I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your class and I have gone onto the Linda Farmer sites.  You really have given me inspiration in another way of seeing...It is so relaxing...
On a recent trip to a thrift shop where she often finds treasures to paint, Kathryn found this palm pod.  Pleased with its shape and possibilities she explains the particulars of her project:
Zentangle came to mind with the primitive look of the pod and the tangling could fill the shoe floor of the pod.
The pod was finished with a stain and varnish, so I sanded it and started at the top and worked down to the bottom with the tangle.  I referenced tangles from our class and created some along the way; it just flowed along.
I used a #0 liner with Americana acrylic off white paint, shaded certain areas with a Burnt Umber and hightlighted some areas in gold to make the design stand out more.  It just flowed from the top to bottom and created something that will not be seen anywhere in the world.
I use Minwax Polyurethene varnish on all of my work, up to 4 coats or more, sanding between for a nice smooth finish.
Kathryn donated her finished piece to a charity auction event. 

I appreciate her story for many reasons:  Kathry's love of painting, her reluctance to embrace Zentangle and how it surprised and inspired her, how she integrated tangles into her painting, her artistry and creativeness, and her kindheartedness. 

Thank you Kathryn for inspiring the rest of us!

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