Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tangle a Lampshade?!

Yes, here is more proof that "no surface is safe". 

Years ago, on a visit back home to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, I purchased a wrought iron table lamp.  It is a smaller version of a floor lamp designed to hold baskets. I hang decorations from it throughout the year and ornaments at Christmastime. 

Searching for a unique way to display my tiles for the CZT®Seminar in Providence last year, I decided to use this lamp.  It had a plain white shade - a perfect canvas for some tangling!

Here are the particulars:

I used a Sharpie extra fine point PAINT marker and once again -  Sandy Bartholmew's book Totally Tangled for inspiration.

Starting from the top band, I used different border patterns and then began in the body of the lampshade.  

As you can see in this picture, I spaced my patterns around the shade leaving room between them.  Once I was satisfied with the amount of 'flowers', I added a few more details to each until the spaces were filled in. 

I found that I had to use a light hand with the Sharpie, careful not to let the pen tip rest on the fabric for too long, or the lines would be too thick for my liking.

I repeated these steps for the bottom band and body of the lampshade. 

I then used a tiny hole punch on my tiles and threaded black ribbon, tied a loop, and hung them on the lamp.  Here is the final result:

Maybe you have a dreary lampshade that could use some sprucing up - give it a new life with some tangles!



  1. Beautiful! What lovely tangling, and what a cool lamp! I have a chair with a canvas cover that has some stubborn stains. I believe I will tangle it in the near future. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Margaret, please send me a picture of that chair when you are finished!