Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's a Wonderful Wednesday

On August 1, just eight weeks ago tomorrow, I pressed the publish button and joined the blogging world.  With little concept of the impact, I hoped to get about three hundred pageviews per week.  That seemed reasonable.  

I hoped to celebrate Tickled to Tangle reaching 10,000 pageviews by early next summer. It seemed at the time an attainable but distant goal.

With many thanks to you, happy tanglers all over the world, to Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas at Zentangle, Genevieve Crabe at Tangle Harmony and her weekly Zentangle Round-Up, Linda Farmer and Tangle Patterns, and many others - I am humbled and grateful to say that this blog now has well over 10,000 pageviews!

by Adele Bruno, CZT      Celebrating 10,000 Pageviews 

Thank you from the bottom of my tangled heart!  Here's to 100,000 and beyond!

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