Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Pablo Picasso provides the wisdom for this Wednesday too.

While planning and preparing for our daughter Catherine's twenty-first birthday, I became a bit introspective.  I thought of the time as it passes so quickly, the privilege of parenting - especially such a remarkable girl - the preciousness of life, and I was reminded of this quote and how it influenced my outlook on life at an early age.

I read it for the first time in my first high school art class.  My teacher Sr. Helen David, an extraordinary artist, would occasionally write and illustrate hand-outs for our class.  Oh!  I remember them so well.  She used a mimeograph machine to make the copies and I can still smell that purple ink!  Her art work on the pages captivated me, she illustrated as effortlessly as she printed.

One week Sister wrote about Pablo Picasso and included the quote written above on my illustration.

As an impressionable teenager, those words swirled in my mind and stuck in my heart.  They were sweet, simple, true.  I remember thinking that if something as common as taking a bath and remaining whole was a miracle, then everything about this life we live is truly miraculous. 

And indeed it is. 

I resolved then to be especially appreciative of the gift of each day and the blessings in it. 

Part of the Zentangle® experience involves appreciation - everything from the materials, to the method, to the time and space.   It appeals to me, and to my fellow tangle enthusiasts I'm sure, for that reason. 

Take a bit of time today for yourself and tangle.  Relax, enjoy, and appreciate. 

Take a nice warm bath and be grateful you don't melt!


  1. I've never sen that quote before but it is profound. I often feel "wow" when I think of the miracle of childbirth, that one always gets me! I love your illustration Adele, cutest ever with that Duckie! You are inspiring me!

  2. love your take on this quote and so glad I found your blog...lovin it!