Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blog Housekeeping

Time for a little blog housekeeping and just like my own housework - I avoid it until it's absolutely necessary!
Many of you have written to say that you are unable to leave a comment after reading a post.  The comments disappear after the message is typed and you hit the 'submit' button. 
Google blogger says that they are aware of the problem and are working to remedy it. 
My apologies for any inconvenience. 
In the meantime you can contact me via email.  On the right side of my blog page, under the "It's a Sting Thing" badge, there is place provided to send an email.   Please feel free to use that any time.  I love getting mail. 
Hopefully blogger will figure out this problem soon. 
Coming tomorrow:  A study on Carole Ohl's pattern Float Fest.  You'll love it!
If you haven't finished your "It's a String Thing" #4 tile yet, there is still time.  Keep tangling!


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